Thursday, January 31, 2013


Georgia's soccer team won their Futsal division last weekend... well, 1/2 of her soccer team, that is.  Futsal requires less players per team, so her usual team got divided into two.  And it was only one unlucky loss that kept the championship from being the two teams against each other.  

Georgia was happy that she didn't play her fellow teammates - she doesn't like to compete against her good friend, Ally.  Not that she would have had to worry, the game would probably have ended in a tie anyway.

I forgot to bring my telephoto lens to the game, so I didn't get any action shots.

The below photo was taken right after the bell rang and the game was over.

And I got photos of the girls waiting for the awards ceremony to begin.

This is a great group of girls.  They have been practicing  / playing together for two years and they've bonded nicely even though they come from different towns all over the Boston area.

The girls got tee-shirts and high-fives from the coach:

and there was a trophy that they will get to share.

Futsal is over for the winter and "spring" training begins momentarily.  Georgia loves Futsal but she's ready to get outside and play on a larger field.  

I'll miss Futsal.  I like watching the games in a warm gymnasium and I like the fast-pace of the game.  I like soccer, too, though.  I guess I'll still drive her to practice!  (wink, wink!)

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