Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Expressions Charade

Yesterday, Georgia brought home a very unusual homework project.  She had a sheet of "expressions" and she had to play a game of Expression Charades in front of a live audience.

When someone is looking for a live audience in this house, one usually looks no further than Josie and me.

Georgia stood in front of us, and we held on to the options sheet.  The directions seemed easy .... and yet we had very little success with our attempts at trying to guess which expressions Georgia was acting out:

The first round was very, very difficult.  Josie and I made more than a few incorrect guesses.

We started just rattling them off, hoping to hit the right one eventually.

Embarrassed?  Happy?  Ashamed?  Smug?  Depressed?


Lonely?  Hopeful?  Bashful?  No?

Oh!  This one we know!  Frustrated!  You're frustrated, right?

We recognize this expression because we are feeling exactly the same way!

Oh!  You aren't acting right now?  Whoops!

No offense, Georgia, but you don't look like any of the faces on this sheet! 

You'd better come over and give us the answer... I mean a hint!

Oh!  Smug!  You were being smug!

Now we see the similarities!

And now... confident?


Lovestruck!  We're on a roll!


No!  Bored!  Definitely bored!

(although the next guess would have been confused)

Josie had to get into the action:

We guessed hopeful pretty quickly:

And then once again, I insisted on my own turn:

Eck!  What a surprise!  (or a fright, whichever!)

I tried smug, too.  Because smug is one of my best faces, admit it.

We went back to Georgia for round two:

And Josie did her suspicious face as well:

Although I think this was more of a natural expression.... the game was, after all, getting a little boring.

Josie was feeling suspicious too -  she was wondering if this could actually be Georgia's fourth grade homework when she - a second grader - had spelling and math to do.  


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