Sunday, January 20, 2013

Girls Weekend

Henry and Gordy left on Friday afternoon for a hockey tournament in Rhode Island.

So while Henry was doing this....

The girls and I were at home doing this:

....getting ready to watch a movie with a bowl full of pinwheels (the poor man's Mallomar, which for some reason weren't available at our grocery store).

Sure, in between movie showings, there was plenty of this:

But along with our sporting obligations, I'm just saying that we found plenty of time to relax.

Yes, yes, Gordy... don't worry.  We did bring Georgia to both her soccer practices:

(okay, so you caught me.  The above photo was taken in the fall and Georgia's soccer is currently indoors, but I don't bring my camera to EVERY game or practice!)

There WERE activities, a playdate and some good, old-fashioned outdoor time (today is 50 degrees!)

But the HIGHLIGHT (for this tired mother) was the afternoon movie watching:

I love a good weekend off.  

Happy Sunday, everyone!  

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