Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Christmas Presents of Merit

I've already mentioned some of the bigger presents that the kids got for Christmas this year.  Henry got a pinball game, Santa gave Georgia a giant giraffe and Josie a dollhouse.... but the kids got a few smaller gifts of note, as well.

All the children received Mr. Frost kits from Santa in their stockings.

Who's Mr. Frost, you ask?  He is a miniature, personal, melting snowman.

Except he wasn't made of snow.  I didn't get a photo before Mr. Frost began to melt, but I did get two photos of him in various stages of disintegration:



Josie also got something called Magic Moves which was one of those random presents that ended up being a huge hit:

It's a magic wand/microphone type thing that gives you instructions to follow including Stomp Like a Gorilla.

Strut Like a Rock Star:

Float like a Feather:

It's a simple toy, but a good one.

Josie also received a cake-pop maker from Santa:

After all the Christmas goodies had been consumed, I gave in to Josie's pleas to try out the machine.

She measured:

and mixed.  And allowed her sister to help:

The results were surprisingly good.

We didn't do the frosting portion, yet.  One thing at a time... I always say.


Anonymous said...

We got the cake pop maker too!
That snowman is creepy and hysterical all at once!


Martha said...

Trish! How did I miss this comment of yours!?! The cake pop maker is pretty neat, right? We haven't tried anything fancy yet, but all in all, it was painfree!

And yes, that snowman was pretty creepy but oh so funny!

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