Tuesday, January 1, 2013


What happens when you get fourteen family members together and then bring out a baby?

A whole lot of Pass-The-Baby.

Poor Owen.

He got held by Avery:

He was held by Elsie:

He was held by Henry:

He was held by Josie:

Gordy held Owen:

So did Granny:

Owen (who my sister lovingly calls "A house baby" because he so very rarely leaves his abode) was man-handed by more people in four days than he's seen in his entire four-months of life.  It's been almost eight years since our family had it's last baby fix and we were like junkies trying to make the most of a four-day binge.  Luckily for us, Owen was amenable to all the attention.  He didn't mind being passed around and he was generous with his smiles and baby-noises.

I loved holding a baby again.  I am positively smitten with Owen.  He has a great personality and reminded me of my own sweet baby boy (who is now 12 and smells like a goat).

Owen left with his parents on Thursday and we all can't wait to see him again.


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Such a cutie! I love the look he is giving Gordy! :-)

Martha said...

Isn't that adorable!?! It was fun having a baby around (and then giving him back to his parents when he cried!)

Quietcountrylife said...

He looks lovely and doesn't seem to be too upset by all the attention, does he? We are expecting a new baby in the family in the next month or so and we are all getting ready to pass him around as well

Martha said...

Hello Jane! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Owen handled the attention very well indeed. Congrats on your new baby/niece/nephew? I clicked over to your blog and really enjoyed it. Come back soon.

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