Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stitch Fix Part 2

Ever since I wrote about Stitch fix back in September (click here to read that post), I've been receiving monthly packages of new clothes.  I haven't written about any of the other packages sent to me by Stitch Fix, because I had nothing nice to say.  

I was taught that if you had nothing nice to say, then it's polite to say nothing at all.

The first month was such a success... and the second month was such a disaster.  The third month was a little bit better than the second, but then the fourth month was so horrific, that it almost sent me over the edge.

I'm not sure what was wrong.  I filled out the forms, I answered the questions, I gave detailed notes about what I liked and didn't like about each shipment, and yet no one at Stitch Fix seemed to understand my taste.  

Or maybe they just didn't have the kind of clothes that I - or any of my peers here in the stylish 40 year category - wore.

Here, is an example of one of the better boxes.

Behold!  A pretty black dress:

Flattering, well-fitting... could have done without the cap sleeves, but at the time, I was so overjoyed to find something good in my Stitch Fix box, that I overlooked the sleeves and kept the dress.

I haven't worn it yet, though, so that's telling.

Can I pause for a moment and ask, 

Does anyone look good in a cap sleeve?!?!

And can I pause for another moment to apologize for my dirty mirror and my scrunched-up photo-taking face?

I'm sorry.

Next item in the box?

A black and hunter-green plaid, cropped, button-less jacket with a back peplem.

These photos are too dark to give you an idea of the ugliness of this coat.  I felt like a mixture between Calista Gingrich and a preppy grandmother wearing a boiled-wool jacket from Talbots.

No offense, Mom, boiled wool jackets suit you perfectly.

To give the jacket a chance, I tried it on with jeans and a tee-shirt.  

Oh!  That's right!  I'm a long-waisted, short person!!  I did mention that cropped things look strange on me in my Stitch Fix profile... and that I hate plaid... but I guess my personal stylist didn't read those parts of my bio.

And then I pulled out this:

A mud-green silk shirt.   It fit fine and I might have kept it, had it been in one of the bold, bright, fun colors that I requested!  But mud-green?  Really?  On a blond?  

And then there was this:

An enormous, sequined potato sack with three-quarter-length sleeves and a high-neck.

I had no words.  

I packed up the box that night and contemplated ending my subscription to the service.

While I did so, Josie tried on the jacket.

Long-sleeves aside, it was the perfect length for my seven year old.

I didn't part ways with Stitch Fix that month - or the month after.

I'm a sucker for the second (or third, fourth and fifth) chance and I REALLY like mail.

I stopped photographing each item, but over the months, I did keep a necklace, a pair of earrings and a scarf.  I wrote a pleading message on my profile site, begging for some color and some younger, hipper items.  I asked that all plaid and muddy earth tones be removed from my pile.  I wrote that I'm not a lumberjack and forty-one is really not that old. 

Last month, I really liked two of the items, but neither fit me well enough to keep.  The fact that I even thought about keeping something got my hopes up.  Maybe - just maybe - someone out there was starting to understand me.

I got my sixth (or maybe seventh?) box on Friday:

It was tied in a lovely pile and the top item looked remarkably like the tunic I had asked for:

I spread the items out on the floor:

That burgundy/white zig-zag thing is an infinity scarf, which I put right back into the box.  It just wasn't me.

The first glance was an optimistic one.  No plaid.  No old-lady jackets or duck-hunting colors.

I started with a black knit shirt which fit well and was very soft:

I liked it, but not enough to keep.  It reminded me too much of an exercise top or something one would wear under a wool sweater to ski.

And it dipped in the back.

Another pause - I am sorry - but what is it with Stitch Fix and the un-even shirt hem?  I never, ever see women walking around with shirts that are short in the front and long in the back, and yet this is at least the fifth one I've received from this company.

What gives?

Next item - the bird tunic:

Cute!  A keeper!

But I have to show you all this:

The $%^$% thing dips down in the back!

I tucked it in and rolled up the sleeves:

Still cute.

Josie came in to help me.  She wanted me to try on the paisley dress:

and while she waited, she tried it on herself and accidentally ripped off the tag.

That's not good news since I was undecided about the dress itself and I'm not sure how tag removal effects my return ability.

The dress is cute, but shapeless and way too short for my age.

I tried it with leggings but then my long-waisted / short leg ratio is highlighted and I try not to emphasize that part of my figure too often.

Last item:

Um.  No.

Perhaps if I was 19.

Or 12.

I'm still on the fence about Stitch Fix.  When I read about the service on another woman's blog, I saw her modelling beautiful sweaters and a gorgeous knit dress.  My lovely friend Tara tried the service and received a wonderful black dress and two fabulous bright-and-funky tops.  This month was a great improvement, but I'm only keeping one of the five items, so I could hardly call it a success.

I would love to learn more about what the stylists at Stitch Fix have to work with.  Do they just randomly select clothes for each shipment?  Do they have some strange fashion bias when it comes to Boston?  I know we aren't LA or New York, but believe it or not, there is fashion here.  And this is a blue state, so the Calista Gingrich look is not what we go for.

Is any one else out there trying Stitch Fix?  How have your fixes been?

Leave me a message and let me know!

And if you want to try Stitch Fix out yourself (which would be odd after this review, but good for me because I get some credit if you do!), then click below:


Elizabeth said...

I think the orange dress is cute, and the mud shirt looks good on you. But the color looks chocolate on my iPhone. The paisley dress would probably look good belted?....

Laura said...

Martha, this post made me laugh so hard! I love what you said about cap sleeves and I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one who loathes them. Seriously, with sleeves I think you should go big (that is to say, long enough) or go home!

Angie said...

I definitely think the bird shirt was a keeper! I've never heard of this company. Is the clothing expensive?

Martha said...

Elizabeth - nope. You're wrong - that orange dress looked ridiculous and while I agree that the green shirt looked brown (and therefore not so bad) in the photo, it was a real throw-up color. I'm not sure about belting the paisley dress, that would raise the hem up even higher and a little to close to my See You Next Tuesday.

Martha said...

Laura - You are not the only person who loathes cap sleeves! They are the bane of my shopping existence! You are so right about going big/long or going home. What is the purpose of a tiny flap of fabric covering your shoulder?

Martha said...

Angie - I agree! Thanks! The clothing is not particularly expensive. You fill out a questionaire and include your maximum price points. Ie - no more than $50 for a shirt.

It's fun, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be a customer.

Lovey said...

I do Stitch Fix and I've also had mixed results. Out of 4 boxes, I've only kept two blouses and a dress. I find that when I specifically ask for something (prints, a specific color, etc) I have more success. But I totally agree about the hem situation! Blouses, skirts, dresses, it doesn't seem to matter - they're obsessed with an uneven hemline.

It is fun, but I wish I loved the clothes more than I do.

Martha said...

Lovey - So weird, right?!? The personal shoppers must have rear-ends they are trying to hide! I'm glad to hear that you've had more success. My friend, Tara, got some good things in her box, too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Love the bird top on you! It looks really cute with just jeans like that! Have you try giving them your Pinterest account? I think it helps. My fix seems to be better after that. Sometimes I can see the connection between my pins and what they sent me!

Martha said...

Good advice! I'll do that!

Elisabeth said...

LOL, I could have totally written this post--just subbing different wants for myself. I do not ever EVER need any more black clothes. I have said repeatedly that I want a rainbow explosion of colors in my StitchFix boxes. And instead, month after month, a sad box of black. In fact, when Ryan saw the box last week, he said "Your box of black clothes has arrived." But hark! A lone stylist finally listened! There is ORANGE in my box!! PATTERNS in my box!! Granted, all of the patterns involve BLACK but still. I am trying on later and will see what I keep. I also love the mail and love having access to clothes that I can't buy here in the middle of nowhereland. But I do think the stylists might do a better job paying attention to feedback. I leave VERY detailed comments about what I'm looking for. This past time, I did say "Absolutely no more black clothes." It's just so sad to open a box and find a black dress, black jacket, and black blouse. You definitely have the legs to wear the paisley dress, but yes WAY too short!

Martha said...

What is their obsession with black!?! You are so right, Elisabeth. I even went back and changed my profile, figuring that I sounded too artsy in my description of my style!I love black, don't get me wrong, but I own enough. I want color!

Anonymous said...

I feel like uneven hem lines are a huge trend this year! They're everywhere I look and all my friends (who are way more fashionable than I am) are wearing them. I'm 50/50 on them myself. Sometimes it's cute, but other times I find it completely bizarre. I think the high in the front/low in the back skirts are really hilarious - and not in the good way!

Martha said...

On Anonymous, I am right there with you about the high/low (are we calling them mullets?) dress hem. While a dipping shirt hem might not be too bad, there is never a reason to wear a morning coat-like hemmed dress. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment!

Anonymous said...

Did you have trouble returning the item wth the torn tag?

Martha said...

No! Stitch Fix took back the dress with the torn-off tag. I was relieved. Do you read Dooce? She posted about a Stitch Fix box that she received and every item was amazing. I wonder if they purposefully put together a fantastic box for her since it a good review from Heather guarantees a lot of publicity for the company. Sadly, I never received such fashionable things and I stopped my subscription to Stitch Fix.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, you look great in all of the clothing. I've seen some disappointing Stitch Fix photos. Yours aren't among them. And it's lovely clothing - you're so lucky to be in such great shape & be able to afford to complain about clothing that looks so great on you.

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