Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This Roller-Coaster Life of Mine

Ever since we got back from Christmas vacation, I have felt like I am on a roller-coaster that never ends.  We've had the usual commitments - three hockey teams, one soccer team, two tennis lessons, two lacrosse lessons, homework - and then there has been the BONUS commitments - Henry has to write a 10-page children's book that features research on the Ukraine and an actual plot, Georgia has approximately 10 new pages of flute pieces to learn and she has joined a Mentor program that is centered around Cake Decorating (and involves a report) and Josie needs constantly practice with her reading and math facts.

Gordy is the master scheduler for the family, but he was away last weekend leaving me to organize carpools, drive to games/practices and help with homework.

And did I mention that for some crazy reason, I put "Help the Children Be More Social" on my new year's resolution list and so organized three Friday playdates and one pizza/movie night party for Henry and his friends (at our house) on Saturday?

And although I haven't mentioned it here on my blog, I've been having more mouth problems.  A month ago, I had a benign tumor removed from the roof of my mouth and today, I found out that the darn thing has returned and has to be removed AGAIN - although this time, more invasively and with a great deal more pain.  Which means another two weeks of not talking, having a swollen mouth, painful stitches and eating mushy foods.


It's always something, right?

And of course, health is always an issue.  The Flu, strep throat and a mean stomach virus are working their way through our town schools.  On Friday, 11 kids out of 22 were absent from Josie's class.  

I'll give you a moment to soak in that fun factoid.

All three of my children have had bad colds and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We're caught in a bad, bad cycle.  And I'm feeling exhausted with the twists, turns, highs and lows that have been thrown our way lately.

So you can imagine how hilarious I thought Josie's latest art project was.  She brought her roller coaster home from school on Friday (along with the memo about the plague that has hit her classroom) and I spent a peaceful few minutes just admiring it from every angle.

Her coaster has only three people in the car, but it feels like an exact representation of my life anyway.  there are some differences, though.  The kids are smiling on Josie's coaster and seem to be enjoying the ride which is definitely not what I've been doing.  

Maybe there's a lesson to be learned here.  I know that This Too Shall Pass and I'll try to stop complaining or at the very least, try to stop allowing myself to be so overwhelmed by life.

It won't be easy, but I'll try.

At least for another week, until my next surgery and then I'll allow myself a few days of self-pity!

It's only fair.


Lisa Witherspoon said...

Oh my!! You are busy!!! So sorry about the mouth surgery. Certainly sounds like no fun. Wish I was closer so I could lend a hand or at least bring you a (mushy) meal! Hang in there!!!

Martha said...

Thanks - that means so much! We'll get through it. And I have one week to make lots of soups!


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