Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzard Activities (or Time Wasters)

It's Snowmagedden!  At least that's what the weather man has told us and from what it looks like from my window, he might have a point.  School was cancelled last night and we were able to sleep in this morning.  Even Gordy's office asked everyone to work from home.  We are supposed to get between 1-2 feet of snow along with some strong winds and thunderstorms.  My well-documented hatred of snow aside, I don't mind what's happening outside, since we are all safe and warm and things are peaceful and quiet.  However (and there's always a however with me), if my house starts leaking or if my electricity turns off for more than 10 minutes, I will no longer be such a happy camper.

Blizzard days are not the best for outside play and my kids aren't always the best at coming up with things to do inside all day.  This morning while I ate my breakfast, I made a mental list of things the kids could do today to keep boredom at a minimum.  

On the top of my list?

Home-made Play-doh:

I gave Josie the recipe and let her go to work.

She measured, she poured and she stirred:

And then she heated the gunk on medium-high while she stirred like crazy:

This is what the play-doh looks like when it's ready to be taken off the stove:

Now comes the fun part.

Josie "cooled" the dough down by kneading it for a few minutes:

Kneading warm dough is a very cozy activity.

Once the dough was cool, Josie got out the cookie cutters and went to work playing cake decorator and bakery owner:

The "cookies" at the top of this blog, were Josie's handiwork.


Josie was soon joined by Georgia, who also enjoys a good play-doh-ing:

Like Georgia's star "pancakes"?

Good enough to eat, no?

Making homemade play-doh:  10 minutes
Creating and using imaginations:  30 minutes

40 minutes of whine-free children!

Good by me.

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