Sunday, February 3, 2013

Let's Go 49ers!

We've hung our flag, bought the ingredients for our annual super-bowl dinner, laid down the tarp over our family room rug and got the jerseys out of storage...

We're ready for some football!

Gordy's nervous about the outcome of the game - the 49ers are his favorite team and he'd really like them to win.

I'm planning to make a nice soft cake to eat (the nachos are a no-go for me with all my mouth stitches - more on that joy in another post) and I'm eager to watch some football and see the commercials.

The kids are excited to watch television and eat junk food - they don't really care about the game.

I'll take more photos and post again either tonight or tomorrow.

Happy Super Bowl!


david said...

The good news is that they did not burn buses in SF as they did for the World Series win.Apparently you only trash stuff when you win which is the obverse of what one would think.I did love the blog post,particularly the National Anthem stuff.

Martha said...

Seriously! I've never understood the nature of a riot. When you are angry, why make things worse?

And why trash things in happiness? that's the craziest idea of all!

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