Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On The Fourth Day of My Summer Vacation...

Yes.  You read that correctly.  Cleaning up from the blizzard took longer than the Department of Public Works planned and so school had to be cancelled again on Monday.  While our friends and neighbors who ski cheered with delight and stayed another night at their ski house, all I could think about was how staying indoors on a cold rainy day with three bored, activity-starved children was not how I planned on spending what was literally my fourth day of summer vacation.  

And our cupboards were bare which meant that if we wanted to eat, I would have to leave the kids on their own to torture each other, or I would have to bring them to the grocery store to torture me.  The best solution, obviously, is to just stop eating, but it was only a matter of time before I got hungry.

Our street still isn't really plowed and the steep hill that was so much fun for sledding is rather frightening for driving.  After getting back from the store in one piece, I elected to garage the car for the rest of the day.  

We had one more errand, though.  Josie had to buy a present for her class "secret admirer" project and Georgia has some gift card money that needed to be spent...

So the girls and I walked in the snow and rain to the toy store.

Josie got a $7 art kit for her secret admirer party, Georgia got some fun putty and I got a bucket of plastic beads:

A little fresh air, some exercise, an errand crossed off the list and entertainment for the rest of the afternoon!


My children are at the perfect age for these melty-beads.

They are good at digging through the bucket and taking the time to make patterns, and they are old enough to keep all the beads from ending up on my floor.

The sunglasses are my personal favorite.

Later in the day, I made Henry sit down and draw the pictures for his Social Studies project (an 11-page, original children's story set in the Ukraine and crammed with Ukrainian factoids)  

If you are a parent, that last part made your head spin.

Nothing says "Welcome to Summer Vacation" like having to write a 10+ page research paper with an original, coherent plot and mandatory factoids.

 Henry wrote the eleven pages last weekend, but he still had the illustrations, the Bibliography, the cover page, the title page and the binding to go.

The project is due on February 14th, I guess as a Valentine's Day gift to the parents.  

Happy Valentine's Day!  This hellish project is finally over!

Some of Henry's illustrations (shown two per page - they still need to be cut and formatted) are more detailed than the rest.

But I was just so happy he finished them, that I didn't say a word.

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