Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our Valentine's Day

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!  Our children woke to find Valentine candy and cards on the breakfast table.

Josie was up first and therefore, got the first taste.

We've had sporadic mail for the last week and a half because of the blizzard, so it's really a miracle that any cards/gifts arrived at all.  In fact, Gordy's parents gifts/cards did not arrive until the following Saturday (but they were greatly appreciated nonetheless!)

Josie was over-joyed to find a cash gift in her card from Granny & Grandfather.  All three of my children are saving up for particular things right now and the time/opportunity for money-making chores is very infrequent.

Georgia got up next, although the bright lights and camera flash weren't really appreciated:

Henry made the last appearance:

My nut-free, chocolate-hating child got Sees lollypops instead of a heart-shaped box this year.

And then the family Valentine's Day celebration was over and it was time for the kids to be escorted to school.  In second grade, the children do a Secret Admirer project where they have to buy a small, inexpensive gift for a particular classmate and then write a letter complimenting their friend and giving clues which help reveal their identity.  

The person who had Josie, bought her this fun, squeezie, light-up thing:

They also had a Valentine Exchange:

Georgia's class did not have to make Valentines for each other, and Georgia chose not to.  She did get Valentines, though, since some of her classmates decided to celebrate anyway.

The reason that Georgia's class did not do official Valentines is because they did Compliment Chains instead.  Each student wrote a compliment about each member of the class and then they strung each student's compliments into a chain that the student could take home and read.

I thought this was an adorable idea.  Some children just said "Georgia - you are a great reader" and others said "Georgia - you are a good athlete" but others got very creative and said things like "Georgia - you are honest because when the teacher calls on you, you say you don't know the answer instead of saying you do."  ha!  The other one I liked was "Georgia - I like how you are always telling jokes and laughing at mine!"

It wasn't just the students in Georgia's class who got creative.  Josie got the following adorable Valentine (no doubt a product of a Pinterest search):

As for middle school?  Did they do Valentine's?  Yes.  Henry didn't - in fact, no boy did - but some of the girls passed out Valentines.  Henry stays mum on such issues, but he had a friend over on Thursday and the friend was feeling chatty.  I learned that the necklace Henry was wearing a was a Valentine gift from one girl and that he also got candy from another.

Henry, trying to act cool and admit to nothing, while Ian gives him away.

It was a fun Valentine's Day which was made even more agreeable since it fell on the Thursday before winter break.  Ten wonderful days off from school, homework and many activities.  Now that's a wonderful Valentine's Day gift!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

I LOVE the compliment chain idea!! That is great and something the kids could keep for a long time!

Martha said...

Wasn't that a perfect idea? It's such a nice way to boost a child's self-esteem and they all got really into it. I loved your home-made Valentines, too!

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