Thursday, February 21, 2013

President's Day At The Pool

Gordy had President's Day off from work and it's school vacation week.  We found ourselves with an empty afternoon and all five of us in one place at the same time.  We decided to celebrate the moment with a trip to our favorite Boston hotel pool followed by an Omni-Max movie at the Boston Science Museum.  

The water was wonderful and warm.  And the pool deck was gloriously humid.

The children wasted no time in jumping right into the water.

And I wasted no time in kicking off my heavy, unattractive snow boots and allowing my toes to enjoy a little fresh (in-door pool) air.

Hopefully you aren't blinded by the glare off my winter pale skin.  

While the kids splashed around and enjoyed the pool's fabulous acoustics and tremendously annoying echo, Gordy and I sat and rested.

It felt so wonderful to just sit still for a change.

I can't honestly say that we gave even a moment's thought to any President or celebrated them in any way.

But we were thankful for the day off and that's something, right?

After a good couple of hours in the pool, the kids came out and joined us on the deck chairs.

Georgia and Josie rested and Henry played with my ipad.

We stayed at the pool a while longer and then headed back out into the cold winter to the movie.

We hope you had a relaxing President's Day, too.


Vedette Shapewear said...

Oh god, this looks so relaxing. Im glad you had a great presidents day. Your children look wonderful and your not pale compared to most! haha :)cant wait to hear more from you.
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Martha said...

Anna - you are WAY too kind. I don't think there's anyone paler than us right now! :)

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