Monday, February 25, 2013

The Academy Awards

Welcome to the 85th Annual Academy Awards!

We celebrated in style, with our own formal attire and our own red carpet.

The first to arrive was Georgia:

Georgia was wearing vintage Calvin Klein with jewels "borrowed" from (and perhaps never returned to) her Auntie Elizabeth and Great-Granny Ruth.

 Georgia showed off her outfit from every angle and allowed the paparazzi a good long time to take their photos.

Next to arrive was Josephine:

Josephine was wearing a vintage dress (worn to my friend, Tara's wedding) and vintage shoes (part of my bridesmaid outfit at my friend's Nara's wedding).  Her jewelry was also from the House of Great-Granny Ruth.

Josie twirled.

And posed...

she, too, allowed ample time for photographers to get their shots:

but at last she blew a kiss to the crowd and went inside the theater:

Next it was my turn:

I arrived on the red carpet and waved to all my fans:

I spun around to show off my very-professional up-do:

I paused one last time...

before I joined my peers in the theater.

There was a great deal of merriment inside the auditorium.

The nominees caught up on each other's lives and schmoozed with directors and agents:

Like all the other actors and actresses, we waited for the Academy Awards to begin, while watching the red carpet action on the overhead monitors:

We waited and hoped that Seth McFarlane wouldn't tease us too badly during his opening monologue:

And we showed off our borrowed jewels to our friends in the audience.

(Just another quick look at my up-do.  I'm really proud of my handiwork.  I've never had hair-do success before!)

Waiting for the show to begin made us anxious and impatient:

It was time to head to the lobby for some cocktails:

Or fruit juice, if you were so inclined:

Eventually, the ceremony began and once our categories had come and gone, we drowned our sorrows in some good old-fashioned junk food.  

It's only fair after a week of starving ourselves and drinking those vile juice cleanses, that we got a treat:

Chocolate chip cookie dough brownies hit the spot.

We may not have won a gold statue this time, but there's always next year. 


Elizabeth said...

Where's the tarp?!

Laura said...

Wow, you and your girls look fabulous! Georgia looks a lot like you. How did you do the updo?

Martha said...

We at in the kitchen, so no need for a tarp!

Martha said...

Laura - thank you! Georgia does look like me - but she has Gordy's eyes (which always makes me think of Harry Potter).

I made a low pony tail and then took a section from the left side and wrapped it around the hairband. I secured that piece of hair at the bottom with a bobbypin. Then I tucked the rest of the ponytail under and secured all that with more bobby pins. Oh! And I also did most of this while my hair was still damp, which is why I think it worked!

Vedette Shapewear said...

Ya'll are all too cute. I loved every outfit. Im glad mommy and the girls had fun. Your up-do was really beautiful by the way :)
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Martha said...

Thank you, Anna - I'm pretty proud of my hair-do. I don't usually have hair that cooperates!

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