Monday, February 4, 2013

The Super Bowl: A Recap

It's a bitter sweet day for us 49er fans.  Our team didn't win the big game - but their fight was an exciting one and we were still totally entertained.

We started our Super Bowl festivities by getting into our team gear...

and putting down the protective tarps over the rug.  There's a strict "no food allowed in the family room" rule in our house and that's for a reason:  my children are spillers. S-P-I-L-L-E-R-S.

And I'm talking about you too, Georgia!

I'm not a huge football fan but I like any kind of celebration.  One of my Super Bowl highlights is a good, old-fashioned meal of junk (also know as nachos), but this year, I had to pass up those cheesy, crunchy chips since I had my mouth surgery last Tuesday and still can't chew.  

While my family munched away on chips, cheese and salsa, I gummed some risotto.

It was better than the soup and smoothies I had the rest of the week, but I would have preferred the chips.

To make myself feel better, I did make a cake for dessert:

There's nothing crunchy about chocolate cake with seven-minute frosting!  

We began eating at 6:00 while we watched the pre-game show.

All the commentators predicted that the 49ers would win.

We paused our junk eating for the Star Spangled Banner:

Alicia Keyes did a wonderful job, but I was particularly moved by Jennifer Hudson and the Sandy Hook Choir.

I am almost always impressed by Jennifer Hudson.

As the game began, Josie put on her game face:

And Gordy told everyone to hush (the first of probably 1,000,00 times)

The first half was torture for 49er fans.  Things were not going our way and there may or may not have been some less-than-child-friendly words coming out of Daddy's mouth.

Josie got bored and went upstairs to get her hippo to keep her company:


Does anyone else's husband have to stand when things get tense during a football game?

And at last, the 49ers began to catch up.

We were thrilled!

I let the girls stay up until after the half-time show and then I put them to bed.  Josie fell asleep in about 30 seconds but Georgia was too excited to sleep.

She came back downstairs during the 30-minute blackout.

I like this photo because I caught Georgia sneaking in to the room and Henry, always the monitor of Georgia's failings, telling her that she's supposed to be upstairs and in her bed.

We all went upstairs to watch the last quarter.  I actually fell asleep before the game was over but the other three watched until the bitter, bitter end.

Gordy was sad but not heartbroken.  He seemed upbeat when I spoke to him on the phone this morning.  Apparently there was some questionable call that didn't go the 9ers way, but other than that he was proud of his team.

Football is over for the season (no sadness for me there).  Next up on the television-watching agenda is the Academy Awards.  

Stay tuned!

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