Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winter Concerts

Last night was the Winter Concert for grades k-2 at our local elementary school.  Georgia and Gordy were off at soccer, so it was up to Henry and me to cheer for Josie.

The evening was not without difficulties.  Apparently, the music teacher told the 2nd graders to wear their Halloween costumes... and then she told them that they didn't have to wear their costumes.  

But they could .... if they wanted to.

In case you don't remember, Josie was a Bowl of Macaroni and Cheese for Halloween.  Her costume was large and wide and not particularly pretty.  It was a fabulous Halloween costume, don't get me wrong, but it didn't really seem appropriate for a winter concert where many little girls are wearing their Christmas dresses with sparkly shoes and large hair bows.

Josie wanted to be one of the girls wearing her Christmas dress and pretty shoes.  On the other hand, Josie didn't want to be the only person NOT wearing a costume.  That would have been weird, too.  

In the end, we settled on black leggings with a black shirt and Josie carried a fancy purple shirt and her costume in a bag.  She could either put the costume on over her black outfit or she could quickly change into her fancy shirt and look more dressy.

Waiting to see which outfit Josie would chose added a nice feeling of suspense to the occasion.  As the second graders entered the stage, I noticed that very few children were wearing their costumes.

... Josie arrived on the stage in her purple shirt.

I would have rather seen her in a pretty dress, but what can you do?

The second graders sang three fall-themed songs (thus the costumes) and Josie got to play the xylophone:

Henry and I got seats in the balcony and I got a great group shot:

The kids did a wonderful job (as always) and it was a fun performance (that was mercifully short since Henry still had more homework to do and I had left the kitchen in a pretty horrible, post-dinner condition).

What about the fourth graders?  Their concert was two weeks ago - on the exact day of my mouth surgery.  I wasn't able to interrupt my swelling or moaning, so I elected to stay at home.

Gordy went, though, and a friend sent the following gorgeous photos:

She is obviously a much better photographer than I am!

I was sad to miss Georgia's performance - and Gordy was sad to miss Josie's, but that's life with three children.

As for Henry, the seventh grade concert was back in January and you'd better believe that I didn't take a single photo of that.  

Seventh graders do not have their photos taken.  Didn't you know that!?!

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