Sunday, March 17, 2013

Georgia The Cake Decorator

Georgia participated in the Mentor Program at her school this year.  She and her friends, Caroline and Lulu, chose Cake Decorating as their career.  After three sessions with a professional baker and three afternoons of presentation preparation, the girls were finally ready for Mentor Night.

We were all ready, too.  It's hard to live with an uneaten, delicious-looking cake sitting in your refrigerator.  Especially when that sucker screams to be eaten every time you open the fridge door.  

I'm not the only person who hears baked goods calling my name, right?

The first session with the baker centered around a tour of the bakery.  But by the second session, the girls had gotten down to business and the results were a box full of wonderful whoopie pies and cream puffs:

Sadly, I can't eat whoopie pies or cream puffs, so I only watched with envy as Georgia prepared the cream filling and put together the desserts.

Georgia was quite the professional baker.

She tempered the frosting before adding the cream to the pastry.

She spread the cream with a flourish and put together the sandwiches:

I'm told the results were quite wonderful:

The last session with the baker was the most exciting.  Each of the girls made, assembled and decorated their own buttercream-frosted layer cake.

And they got to use pastry bags and everything.  

Behold Georgia's creation:

I should explain that it did have a small accident on the way home.  Lulu's mom had to stop suddenly for a pedestrian and both Georgia and Caroline's cakes went sailing off the front seat and onto the car floor.  

We thought it wise to turn the cake's slightly-less-perfect, crushed side to the back of the Mentor Night booth, but I did take the above photo of the damage for posterity.

Behold Master Baker Georgia, setting up for the big presentation:

The girls made a tri-fold poster ....

... and a Power Point presentation with photos of their work at the bakery.

The moms took tons of photos, as we are wont to do...

and we put out stickers to give Baker Eunice Feller (from Newton's Bread and Chocolate) some free publicity.

In addition to the three cakes, the girls also made cupcakes to hand out to people visiting their booth.  The moms made the executive decision to keep the cakes whole for the girls to enjoy at home:

Apparently, the Cake Decorating booths at Mentor Night are the most popular with the tag-along siblings.  There's nothing like a dinner of free cupcakes to sweeten an otherwise rather dull evening.

The girls' booth was very popular:

Georgia, Caroline and Lulu did a fabulous job of explaining exactly how each cake/cupcake was created and what they learned from their mentor.  They worked as a team to answer questions, fight off children who tried to take more than their allotted one cupcake and praised their mentor at every opportunity.

Lulu even graciously allowed a slice of her masterpiece to be cut so that people could see the various layers of cake, frosting, raspberry jam and chocolate chips.

At the end of the evening, each girl left school with a Certificate of Completion, their own cake wrapped safely in it's box and the satisfaction of a job well-done.  

Georgia would like you all to know that she happily make a cake for you.... for a fee, of course.  She learned that Cake Decorating is an actual business, you know!  That's the point of Mentor Night.


J DeLuca said...

Joyce sent me a text to have Porter review the latest blog entry. Porter LOVES baking!!! She recently had a bake sale with friends and made $72!!! She often talks of owning a bakery . We so enjoyed reading about Georgia's exciting mentor experience! We were very impressed with her work. I so hope that Porter and Ellis get to meet Henry, Josie and Georgia soon and of course, I would love to meet everyone too!

Take care.


Martha said...

Jennifer - I'm so happy to hear that Porter (and you :) ) read my blog. Good for Porter and her bake-sale. My girls would love to be so industrious, but we live on a pretty deserted street and I'm fairly sure a bake sale would be a lonely experience! I'd love to get our families together. We need to have a family reunion. It was such a treat to see Joyce, Bob, Owen & Graham this fall - even if the circumstances were so very sad. Thanks for leaving a comment.


Gordy's Mom said...

Please tell Georgia that we will be there soon and look forward to placing our order for a layer cake.

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