Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Josie!

On the morning of her eighth birthday, Josie woke up at 4am.  

You'd think that by the time our baby was 8, she'd be able to sleep through the night, but I guess that particular birthday wish has not yet come true. 

Did Josie roll over and go back to sleep when she looked at her clock and saw that un-Godly hour?

No.  She did not.  Instead, she went downstairs to hang out with our other terrible sleeper, Gordy.  He's 42 and still not sleeping through the night.  

At least they have company!

At six-thirty, the rest of us got up and Josie was able to open her presents.

Birthday mountain was quite tall and Josie was very excited to get to work at conquering it.

Josie's main gift from Gordy and me, was a pair of purple rain boots that she had been wanting for a very long time.  

After months of relentless begging, Josie had given up asking for these boots right after Christmas... so opening the box on her birthday and finding the coveted rain gear, was a fabulous surprise.  

Our little fashionista also got many outfits from her aunts/uncles and grandparents.

She also got these tiny, colored pencils from Elizabeth, Sean & Owen:

And these sunglasses and scarf from Georgia:

It should be noted that Georgia did not pick out this present - she is at school when I do my birthday shopping and therefore, unable to give her opinion.  It ends up that Josie is not a fan of the aviator frame glasses and so that is why, Georgia ended up with a present of her own on Josie's birthday:

It pays to get up early.  


Josie's cousin Avery picked out the below gorgeous dress and - thank goodness - pair of mint-green sunglasses, in a Josie-approved ray-ban frame.

Meredith also packed a troll doll, which I found later, stuck in a crevice of my fireplace:

Henry got Josie a Boogie Board:

...which is an LED "chalk" board that you can write on and erase with the touch of a button.  This was probably the most successful of the gifts, since all three children wanted turns using it and every child who has seen it since, is equally enthralled.  

Josie's birthday had one very unusual, very special component:  Gordy was home to help her celebrate.

Josie's birthday fell on the first day of Henry's hockey teams' State Tournament and Gordy worked from home that morning and left for the ice rink right after the kids came home from school.

We had Josie's cake before Henry & Gordy left for hockey (instead of after-dinner), so the whole family could sing Happy Birthday to her:

Gordy is not often home for the opening of the presents and sadly, he's had to miss a few birthday cakes, as well.  Having her Daddy home on her big day meant the world to Josie.  

Everyone - even terrible sleepers - likes a big audience on their special day.

After Gordy and Henry had left for the tournament on Cape Cod, Josie got out her new ipod shuffle and had a dance party in the kitchen:

She even wore her new shades, because she's hip like that:

And then Josie had a fashion show.   She's wearing a dress from Grandma & Grandpa in the dance party photo, and below, she is wearing the red jeans and blazer from Granny & Grandfather:

And, for Meredith & Avery's pleasure, the mint dress and matching sunglasses:

Georgia got picked up for her soccer practice at 5:30, so Josie and I had her birthday dinner (soup and muffins) by ourselves.  As the youngest of three, very active children, Josie is incredibly easy-going about fitting in her own activities and celebrations around other people's busy schedules.  Which is a very, very fortunate trait to have.... at least in our crazy family!

Happy Birthday, Josie - we love you!

Josie at Eight:

Favorite color:  purple
Favorite food:  pizza
Favorite animal:  hippo
Favorite book:  A-Z Mysteries
Favorite Movie:  Despicable Me
Favorite Subject at School:  Art
Favorite sport:  Hockey
Favorite Candy:  KitKat


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Happy Birthday Josie!

KC @ genxfinance said...

The mint dress looks good on her. Happy Birthday Josie!

Martha said...

Thank you, lisa!

Martha said...

Thank you, KC. I agree!

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