Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ornithology Lessons At Our House

I just love it when I lift my shade in the morning and discover wildlife outside of my window.  There's just something so beautifully Disney-esque about a bird helping you start your day.  I know that I'm a self-professed city girl, but even I can admit that there is nothing so sweet as a plump bird, sunning itself on a tree branch.

Unless maybe it's TWO plump birds:

I caught the sight the above zaftig lady from the corner of my eye as I made Josie's bed yesterday morning.  

And when I stopped my work to watch her soaking up the rays, I noticed her mate two branches away, getting his morning sun, too.

Of course, I had to run and get my camera.  I wanted to know what kind of birds I was looking at and a photograph is the best description there is.  

I emailed my pictures to our family Ornithologists:  My mother and my sister, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth guessed a Flicker, but my mother said a Mourning Dove.

Ah, nature.  It's always fun when it comes to call.


Julie said...

Elizabeth is correct. This is a flicker.

Martha said...

Oh! That's exciting. A mourning dove is just a tad less interesting. It's that pigeon factor or something.

Thanks for the identification help. I'm adding Flicker to the list of wildlife we've seen at our house.

emma cell said...

It is interesting that you have made these shots.. I have seen this bird around many times but never paid much attention to its apperance.. but once you start notice the details, it becomes very interesting.. thanks

Martha said...

Thank you, Emma! I agree about the details - all those layers of feathers and all the different colors... birds really are beautiful.

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