Monday, March 11, 2013

Snowstorms & Soccer: Together Again

On Friday, we had a blizzard and schools were closed.

The snow was the thick, heavy, back-breaking kind that took forever to shovel.

On Saturday morning, Georgia had an outdoor soccer tournament at Boston University.

That's right.  An OUTDOOR soccer tournament the day after a blizzard.

The University had shoveled the snow off the playing fields, but there were still hunks of snow and ice scattered around.  The sun was out, but the temperature was still pretty cold.

We dressed Georgia in layers of Under-Armor and put her parka and snow pants in her bag, so she could stay warm between games.

Josie and I were also bundled up, in full winter gear, watching the action. 

The stadium seating reserved for spectators hadn't been plowed, so we were forced to huddle on the sidelines, wrapping blankets around our already bundled bodies.

I took a few photos of the drifts of snow all around the field, because I knew Gordy & I would want to remember this particular brand of crazy when we're old and gray and missing the parenting years.

When I got the email last night saying that the tournament was still on and that we were all supposed to meet in Boston at 9am sharp, I did think that everyone but me had lost their mind.

But the truth was that by the second game, the ice chunks on the field had melted and the girls ran hard enough that they never needed to use those parkas between games.

In fact, by the 12 o'clock game, we had switched fields and the sun was now beaming down on our faces.  I didn't remove a single layer of winter gear, but I did feel warm for the first time in months.

Spring is the oddest of seasons in New England.  


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Holy Moly! That's a lot of snow!! Here in NC, EVERYTHING would have been shut down for days & days! :-)

Martha said...

Lisa - the fact that that tournament went on was unbelievable! It did work out, but oh my goodness was there a lot of snow!

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