Monday, March 4, 2013

State Champions!

Henry's PeeWee A team won the Massachusetts State Championship!  Wooo!

The State Tournament was on Cape Cod this past weekend.  Gordy and Henry left on Friday afternoon for the first of five games, but Georgia, Josie and I drove down early Saturday morning.  We were able to watch Henry and his teammates defeat Falmouth 7-0 in the morning and Andover 7-0 in the afternoon.  In all five games, Henry's team only gave up 3 goals and those were all in the first game on Friday night against Dorchester.

I didn't get too many photos of the action and that is because the audience at this particular rink, was protected by a very thick, very photographer-unfriendly black net.  Most of the pictures I got during the game, looked remarkably off.

Case in point:

The net's mother would be so proud.  At least her son is in focus.

It's also pretty hard to take photos of twelve year old boys playing hockey.  They move considerably faster than they did when they were five.

Winning the State Tournament was the year-long goal for this PeeWee A team.  The boys were so proud to be there and with each win, their excitement grew.  But no one - and I mean NO ONE - was more excited and more nervous than Coach Gordy.  He spent most of his time in the weeks leading up to the tournament, working on plays, line changes and strategies.  He may or may not have driven hours out of his way to "scout" potential opponents and for weeks, I found little note cards scattered around the house with line changes and plays planned out in Gordy's minuscule writing.

On the other hand, I wasn't nervous at all.  I knew they were going to win.

This team is very good and they work well together.  Almost all of them play for two teams and that means a whole lot of practice and ice time.  

This year may also be the last year that this complete team plays together.  Being on two hockey teams is exhausting and not many kids/parents want to repeat the experience.  Club teams require a greater commitment level and it's hard to explain why you are choosing one team over another, when there is a conflict.  And there is almost always a conflict.  We've had these problems with Georgia and her club team / town team conflicts and that is why Georgia is only playing for her club team this spring.

What will Henry do next year?  (After hockey ends in April, I mean.)  That has yet to be determined.  He actually liked playing on two teams and seemed to thrive on being incredibly busy.  We'll see, I guess.

Between the first and second games on Saturday, we had a team lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, where I got the one and only photo of the girls:

For posterity, I suppose.  They might want to know that they were there, too.  

We were back home on Sunday (Georgia had a Mentor Program meeting) and got the phone call in the afternoon with the news that the boys had won.  Josie and I were food shopping at the time and I think we scared our fellow shoppers with our cheers.  I was so proud and happy.  And I was relieved that the whole thing was over and I could have my husband / son back again..

... until Gordy told me that next up is the Regional championship in either Maine or New Hampshire.  

Wait! What was that middle part!?!

That's the thing with hockey - it NEVER ENDS!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

That's awesome!! Way to go Henry & Gordy!

Martha said...

Thank you!

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