Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Lactose-Free, Auto-Immune-Fighting Diet

I have been having health issues.  My already-cranky immune system has suddenly become quite peevish and I have found myself in a battle with non-cancerous (but still annoying) salivary gland tumors and swollen surgical areas that refused to return to normal months after surgery.  Add to that an over-active imagination and psychosomatical tendencies and you can understand why I have spent the last few weeks with a general feeling of malaise and unease.  The good news is that I have doctors working with me to figure out why my health has suddenly taken a nose-dive and everyone seems to think the matters are fixable, but while the tests are run and the appointments are waited for, I decided to try to take matters into my own hands and revamp my diet.

I am a firm believer in the power of good nutrition, but when sick, I tend to comfort eat.  

At a time when my body could use natural foods and nutrients the most, my mouth convinces me that multiple cookies and soft, warm baked-goods would be the better option.  I know that I should eat that vegetable soup, but being the champion of self-pity that I am, I convince myself that I deserve the soft sweet roll instead.

It's quite the mental dilemma.

Fortunately, for the last few weeks, good common sense has been winning the battle against my sweet tooth, but I've found that cooking a nutrient-rich, whole-grain meal that is also seafood, peanut and lactose-free is not as easy as it looks.  I've also learned that my three children and husband are not as enthusiastic about eating whole wheat pasta and endless amounts of sweet potato.  

Cooking the nightly meal has become a three-act play involving different meals for different people.  Wheat pasta for me;  white pasta for everyone else.  Spinach and kale added to the pasta sauce for me and kept on the side for everyone else.  You get the picture.

I HAVE managed to find some wonderful recipes that please everyone and which are lactose-free and safe for me.

For instance: 

Spicy, sweet-potato chili, which was absolutely delicious that night and even better the next day at lunch.  Okay, this one was really only pleasing to me.  Neither Gordy nor either of my girls like sweet potatoes.  And the girls also don't care for cilantro... or black beans.  Henry only tolerated the dish.

We had only slightly better results with this:

Soba Noodles with Sweet Ginger, Scallion Sauce (recipe and photo taken from

Why did I not get my own photo of this delicious dish?  Well, it ends up that Chili Garlic Paste, whose printed ingredients were chilies, garlic and water, ACTUALLY included some sort of fish product and within seconds of putting the first spoonful of noodles into his mouth, Gordy began displaying the sickeningly horrific symptoms of anaphyllatic shock.

Don't worry!  Never fear!  Gordy handled the situation in the most unintelligent way possible:  he took antihistamines, made himself throw up, used his epi-pen and then went to hockey practice without telling anyone to be aware of his situation in case all that didn't work.

You can roll your eyes, it's fine.  

I had better luck with whole wheat pasta with homemade tomato / spinach sauce.  But that's only when you understand that I was the only person who ate the whole wheat pasta.  The children (and Gordy) ate white pasta with this recipe and complained that all they ever eat is pasta ..... while they consumed each bite.

Have I not managed to find SOMETHING that we can all eat?  Yes!

Quinoa-coated, baked chicken breast:

This chicken was moist and wonderful along with being extremely fast and easy.  Even Georgia - the hater of all chicken recipes - thought this dish was a good one.

I've posted all of these recipes on my Pinterest account.  click on these words to be taken to my pinterest page

I have three boards for recipes:  Lactose Intolerance, Improve Immunity and Recipes For Those Nights When I Don't Want To Cook.  Feel free to "Follow" me as I pin new recipes quite frequently.  If anyone has any recipes they'd like to share, I'd love for you to leave a comment.  I'm always on the look out for good, nutritious, easy ideas.

Let the healing begin!


Elizabeth said...

Those all look wonderful to me! I think you should move to Philadelphia and cook for us!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Wow! I thought I had food issues with my crew but I think you win! :-) For the record, my gang would not eat any of that either. I hope you get some answers about your health soon so that you can start feeling better!

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