Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another Stitch Fix Post

I've been keeping rather mum about my monthly Stitch Fix boxes and that is because mine is a Mommy Blog (and proud of it) and fashion posts do not seem very relevant to mothering.  But recently, I was asked to share more photos of what I had been receiving (and sending back, sadly) from Stitch Fix and I decided to put two months worth of boxes into one post to save the rest of you from boredom.  

If you want to read my last post about stitch fix, click HERE! and if you'd like to read my original post about this fashion service, click HERE!

This month, I received the above (and below), Tart wrap dress in black and white.  I like a wrap dress and I like black and white patterns...

and this one fit me well:

but I couldn't help feel like I had seen it before.  Where was that.... hmmm.

Oh, yes!  Now I remember.  Three months ago, I got the below Tart wrap dress from Stitch fix:

I actually like the newest print better, but since I've already bought the first dress, I had to send the second back to the store.  Why on earth would they send me two almost identical dresses by the same designer?  Don't they keep track of what they've sent me?  

The next out of the box was a full, blue mini-skirt:

(the top is my own)  This isn't horrible, I suppose, but I can't imagine myself ever wearing it.  I'm 41 and my cheering leading days are over.  And since I was a violin-playing, black-wearing, 1980's teen-ager, I never actually had any cheering leading days, anyway.

And is it just me, or is this hem-line a little wonky?

What is up with Stitch Fix and it's mullet hem lines?  The only thing missing from this order was a cap sleeve.

Whoops.  I spoke too soon.

Baggy, shapeless, cap-sleeved... it's my lucky day.

I may write countless comments regarding my hatred of the cap sleeve on my Stitch Fix site return form, and they might be constantly ignored, but at least my request for a tunic came through:

The fact that it was a strange batik-like pattern and long enough to be a dress, isn't really the tunic's fault.

I sent the entire box back.  

I sent last month's entire box back, too.  

With winged-sleeves like this, do you blame me?

And this way-too-large and shapeless sweater wasn't my favorite either:

But both shirts were better than this weird dress:

It reminded me of house coats worn by grandmothers in the 1970s.  


Stitch Fix and I are not loving each other right now.  Perhaps I have completely the wrong aestetic for Stitch Fix.  Maybe their ideal client is a young woman in her 20s who lives far away from Bloomingdales or Neiman Marcus.  I have received a few pieces that I have liked and have kept.  I do like that blue wrap dress that I showed you above and in that same box, came a cream colored sweater that I thought was pretty.  Maybe it would be a better service, if your stylist emailed you photos of what she is putting in your box before she mails it and you can save each other the hassle of packing and mailing unloved clothes back and forth.

Someone recently got to my blog with the Google search "How do Stitch Fix and Cake Style compare?"  I had never heard of Cake Style, so I looked it up myself.  It seems like a Stitch Fix with well-known (read expensive) labels.  Where Stitch Fix has up-and-coming designers at low prices, Cake Style features famous labels at regular prices.  I've enjoyed the concept of getting packages of clothes in the mail, so I signed up for Cake Style, figuring that if I liked it better, I would cancel my subscription to Stitch Fix.  That was over two months ago, and while I did "hear from my stylist" and I did get one email apologizing for the delay, I haven't actually received a single box or even a confirmation that I was ever GOING TO GET a box.  At least Stitch Fix is prompt and communicative.

I'll do a post on Cake Style, if a package ever arrives from their company.  Both times they've emailed me, it was to make sure that I understood that I have to be at home to sign for my package -- if only I'd be so lucky to be able to sign for a package!

How has everyone else been finding Stitch Fix?  Has anyone else tried Cake Style?  


Gordy's Mom said...

This comment is a bit late, but I consider it highly unlikely that the designers at "Sitch Fix" are up and coming. I would definitely give up and shop at a bricks and mortar store.

Bee said...

I just found you via Google. I received my first stitch fix tonight, and was curious to see what others had received. This post made me literally LOL - thank you for making me smile!

Martha said...

Hello Bee! Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I'm dying to know how you liked your stitch fix box - were the clothes better than the ones I received? I'm glad you enjoyed my post. Stop by again!

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