Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby's First Blue Streaks

Georgia has the sad misfortune of having her birthday during the craziest, busiest two months of the year.  Her birthday is nestled between the chaos of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve, and when you add ballet recital practices/performances, office and neighborhood holiday parties and the arrival / departure of every relative in our family arsenal, you don't leave much time for a friend birthday party.  This year, as February approached with no end to the activities in sight, and no free weekend to hold the much-delayed party, I proposed something bold - a bribe.  I told Georgia that if she agreed to forgo her friend party, Gordy and I would give her a $100 gift card to spend however she saw fit.  

She took us up on our offer immediately.  

Georgia already had a large gift certificate for our local bookstore (a Christmas gift from her grandparents), so she decided to use the Birthday Party money to do something she has always wanted to do:  put streaks of color in her hair.

I made an appointment with Georgia's hair-cutter who is a stylist in an actual, adult salon.  I figured that when hair dye is concerned, an expert is the best option.

Above is the "before" photo and below is the "during"

Georgia chose a bright royal blue.

which started working almost immediately applied to the hair:

This is what Georgia's hair looked like before the final rinse  (a little green):

And here is the final result:

Her hair looks normal and then the wind blows a little or she pulls her hair back and you See The Color:

Georgia loves it - and so do I.  

I've always liked a little individuality - especially in my own daughters.  And if my daughter is ready to eschew the color pink and move into a more urban, punk aesthetic, than good for her.

I draw the line at body piercing, though.  Even this punk mother has her limits.

Georgia, the blue period.


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Ha! I would have never pegged you as a "punk mother" and I don't know if I could let my girls do something so bold (I'm totally chicken when it comes to my hair - and theirs), but Georgia looks extremely happy!

Martha said...

Ha! No, I'm not really a punk mother.... but I'm willing to try. I'm happy to do anything to hair, but absolutely draw the line at strange piercings or tattoos.

And I was told by the colorist that it wouldn't last too long!!!

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