Thursday, April 11, 2013

End of The Week Randoms

It's been a week of same ole - same old around these parts.  School, homework, sports practice, repeat.  Not very blog-worthy, if you ask me (or anyone).  I went through my photo albums looking for blog inspiration and I did find some random photos that I hadn't included on the blog yet.  I thought I'd do another Random Photo post and hope that I don't bore my readers too badly.

Photo Number One:

Ever wonder what an 8 year old hipster looks like?  

Just check out Josephine on any given day.

The girls got their hair cut last week and the stylist let them choose a special hair style.  Josie picked french braids:

And Georgia asked for loose curls:

... which fell out about three seconds after she arrived at her rainy, outdoor soccer practice.

Speaking of outdoor practices, Henry's lacrosse has begun and he even has the bruises to prove it:

Nothing like the addition of a little color to otherwise paper-white skin:

Oh!  A few of you asked to see a photo of the soft baby dolls I mentioned in my blog post about Portsmouth, NH.  (CLICK HERE TO READ THAT POST

Say hello to Baby Doll, Rosemary and Agnes:

Sweet, no?

Sometimes I stumble across one of my children in the middle of a quiet moment, and if my camera is handy, I'll take a quick photo.  I like to remember the every day things, as well as the big events.  

I got this photo of Georgia waiting for her soccer car pool to arrive.

 I like that she has her back to the window, when she is supposed to be watching for her ride.  

I also got this photo of exhausted Josie, hoping that someone will pick her up and carry her to her bed:

No one did.  That girl is heavy!

Georgia had her band concert the other night:

It was an All-Town concert which meant that the elementary school band, two middle school bands, the high school Jazz Band and the high school regular band all assembled to play two pieces (each).  

Georgia's All-Elementary School band went first and then we had to sit through all the others.

It was a long evening.

My favorite - after Georgia, of course - was the Seventh / Eighth grade Band whose Percussion section was in such a hurry to finish their songs and get off the stage that they completely ignored the conductor and played so fast that they finished the piece two measures before all the other instruments.  

Josie's favorite part was the end.

And there it is.  

You are all caught up with our week.  And the good news is that next week is spring vacation which means real news to post once again.  

I hope.

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Angie said...

I think it's totally okay to post the everyday stuff even if it is boring. Of course I do it so maybe I'm just trying to convince myself it's okay!

Loved all the pics! Sounds like a normal "family" week to me!

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