Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hockey Season Has Finally Finished!!!

Sing it with me, everyone.. use your best Andy Williams voice!

"It's the most wonderful tiiiiiiime... of the year..."

".... everyone's telling you 'Be of Good Cheeeeeeeer'...

It's the Most Wonderful Tiiiime of the year..."

"It's the hap-happiest tiiiiiime of the year...

"... hearts will be glowing, with loved ones so nearrrrrrrr..."

"It's the most wonderful time..... of the yearrrrrrr."

What, you don't feel happy that Hockey season is over?  

I sure do!

Josie finished hockey two weeks ago.  Henry's last hockey game was on Sunday.  His team had a fabulous year, winning the State Championship (We're State Champs!  Whoooo), some Regional championship and our League.

And now it's over.

Well, it's sort of over.  It ends up that the team coach (or his wife, if we're really being honest) gets to wash all the team jerseys!!!

Do I care about having to wash smelly jerseys?

See if the below happy dance answers your question:

Nope!  I'd wash ALL the jerseys in our town if it guaranteed that I wouldn't have to sit in another cold ice rink until August!



Angie said...

Ha Ha- I've being doing that dance too to Welcome Spring! Enjoy it while it lasts :)

Martha said...

Right!?! You should see my happy dance on the last day of school - I'm the only parent who is joyful when that last bell rings!

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