Monday, April 1, 2013

Khaki-Colored Eggs and The Camouflage Egg Hunt

I felt extremely prepared for Easter this year.  The candy was purchased, the baskets were brought from the attic, I bought the egg-dye weeks in advance and I planned an Easter dinner.... I was completely ready for the holiday.  Until I woke up on Easter morning and realized that I never bought white eggs.  

I buy organic eggs - the ones that come from happy, corn-fed, free-range chickens and those kind of chickens seem to prefer to make eggs that are brown.  I consulted with my good friend Google to see if one could dye a brown and egg and the answer was a resounded YES!  

But we learned quickly that the real answer was a resounding NOT REALLY!

We prepared the dye solutions and the children found white crayons to draw shapes onto the eggs.

We dipped the eggs into the dye bath and waited.

This is what an egg that Georgia looked like before the dye bath:

And this is the final result:

It's dyed, alright, but Khaki is hardly an Easter color.

The one color that seemed to work was red:

Although the green wasn't too bad:

I liked the way this egg turned out, but it was perhaps better suited to Christmas than to Easter.

We waited for our camouflage eggs to dry before we started our annual egg hunt:

Gordy and I hid the eggs around our yard and the kids set off in hot pursuit:

We invited our neighbor, Audrey, to join us in our search.

I even got the children to stand still for a few moments between rounds to get a photo:

It didn't last long because Josie spotted an egg hiding in the bushes by her feet:

In total, we probably hid the eggs four times and by the time the hunt was over, most of the eggs were pretty gross.  That didn't stop Henry from eating one or two.  


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Angie said...

Ha Ha- Doesn't look like the egg color mishap bothered the kids one bit!

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