Monday, April 29, 2013

Springtime Catch Up

It's springtime (finally) and things seem a little more cheerful around here.  Josie brought home the above art project (it's a carp from her class' Japan study) and I hung it from our kitchen window to add color to our view.  The sun is finally warming things up in Massachusetts.

Josie is doing her part:

Today she wore a spring flower in her hair.

You could say that I've brought spring inside, too:

For the last two weeks, we've had these two artificial grass samples on our table.  Our big yard redo is starting soon, and we had to pick the size of the play area turf.  (we chose the shorter grass on the left)

Our one flowering Azalea brush has blossomed: 

It currently resides in the middle of my future English Country Garden, so it will be moved to the front of our house (or was it to the side... I don't remember).

Josie posed for a photo behind the Azalea and at the corner of my garden.  I can not wait to get the fence up and start the work.  I'm looking forward to having more privacy in our backyard.

Springtime also signals the arrival of more outdoor time.  Today the girls took out spectator chairs and set up camp on our front stoop with a neighborhood friend, Audrey:

After a long winter of being cooped up in the house, everyone - including me - is happy when the kids go outside to play.

Hope you all are enjoying your spring, too.

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