Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Cake Decorating Continues

The day before Easter, Henry and Georgia were invited over to the house of their brother/sister friends, Sam and Margaret to spend the afternoon.  Josie was left home with nothing to do.  I found out about the plans while grocery shopping at Whole Foods and as I thought about Josie, at home, with no playmate, I saw an Easter Egg Sugar Cookie kit out of the corner of my eye.

Josie could spend the afternoon up to her elbows in buttercream and sprinkles, our family could have some festive Easter-themed dessert and I would have time to do some cleaning without being interrupted by a bored child.

It was a win-win-win situation.

The kit was rather impressive.  There were two different types of buttercream frosting and two types of "sprinkles."

Josie was very excited to find that her afternoon of boredom had been erased by cookie decorating and an abundance of sugar.

She quickly got to work, designing, icing and decorating each of the 12 cookies.

Her first creation included a pink icing background...

smothered with sugar sprinkles and orange (white) chocolate shavings.

I took some photos of Josie while she worked, but mostly I puttered around the kitchen, cleaning surfaces, sweeping floors and putting away groceries.

This was really the perfect craft for an eight-year old.  There was absolutely no supervision necessary and there were plenty of cookies and supplies to keep her occupied for about an hour.

Actually, the whole project probably took longer than that since Gordy and I kept making Josie wash her hands each time we caught her sampling the frosting with her fingers.

Darn parents.

The cookies turned out fabulously:

And Henry and Georgia were very excited to see them when they returned home.

Another successful Whole Foods purchase!

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