Monday, April 15, 2013

Tragedy At The Boston Marathon

I took the children into Boston to watch the marathon today and we spent about four hours cheering for all the runners and the wheel chair athletes who sped by our corner.  It was a glorious day (albeit a little cold for us spectators) and we had a wonderful time.  We've watched the Boston Marathon plenty of times on television, but I'd never before taken the kids into the city to watch the race live.  I'm not a runner, myself, nor would I ever run a marathon, but I am of the belief that the more things you expose your children to, the richer they become.  We had fabulous, front-row spots about two blocks from the end of the finish line - it was the perfect location to watch hundreds of people run by on their way to the end of a very grueling race.

We stayed perhaps longer than the children wanted to - there's just something so special about being a part of a crowd, cheering along these amazing athletes and I had a hard time leaving.  Eventually, the children's hunger won out and we left the race sometime between one and two pm, taking our time and making our way slowly through the Public Gardens and over Beacon Hill.  I hadn't paid any attention to the train schedule when we left, but miraculously, we made it to our train, just as it was pulling out of the station.  We had only been back at home for about 10 minutes when my phone exploded with text messages and my land phone began to ring off the hook.  We had told friends that we were going to the Marathon and people were so worried.

Bombs!  Bombs at the marathon!  Bombs exploding blocks away from where I had stood with my children only an hour before.  Why would someone need to set off bombs at the finish line of a marathon!?!  What is this form of crazy about?  Those poor people.  Those poor runners.  The finish line is where hundreds of people wait and watch for their loved ones - the race organizers even set up bleachers for people to relax.  The bombers couldn't have picked a busier place.

We only knew one woman - the mother of one of Georgia's soccer teammates - who was running in the race this year.  She made it safely passed the finish line and was with her family far away from the explosion site.  Thank goodness.

So much of this story is wretched and sad - and it's hard to comprehend.  Only hours ago, we were watching and cheering on all these runners.  There was so much joy and happiness and the race route was crowded with people.  Boston is notorious for it's large crowds of people who stand for hours shouting words of encouragement to complete strangers.  How can such joy end in such a horrific way?

Here we are, waiting for the marathon to begin and claiming our wonderful spots along the route.

The first athletes go by:

The winning woman runner:

The winning men:

By the time the main runners go through, it's almost pure chaos.  People are shouting, there are cow bells ringing and everyone is cheering and clapping.

I got this wonderful photo of a family who had been waiting as long as we had to see their runner go past.  (He's the one giving the victory sign to the right of the photo).  It was so joyful to watch.  

My heart goes out to all the injured people and all those who still wait to hear from loved ones.  We are glued to our television sets here in Boston and are hoping for the best.  

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Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Thought about you all and Wondered if you had been anywhere near. So glad you are all safe! Prayers for Boston and everyone affected~

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