Sunday, April 14, 2013

What We Did This Weekend

It was your typical, bitter-cold, cloudy New England spring weekend.  On Friday, I met with the contractor who is going to do our Great Garden Project work and her estimates were higher than we had hoped.  We're still going ahead with the much-needed yard rehab, but we quickly made the executive decision to do some little things by ourselves.

Gordy got to work uncovering the root-balls from their great mounds of mulch and he had a lesson in applying acid-based fertilizer from our Landscape Designer.

While Gordy worked, I walked around the property and admired some buds and sprouts:

And I took some before photos of our garden-less yard.

This was also the weekend of the Hockey Banquets.  Gordy took Josie to her dinner since I was on soccer carpool duty.  Georgia and I met up with the rest of our family towards the end of Henry's banquet and we got to see him get his award.

Before I arrived, Gordy took some photos of Josie enjoying her over-cooked pasta and admiring her trophy.

There were plenty of other sport moments this weekend.  Both Henry and Georgia had lacrosse games (Henry had two) and Georgia also had soccer practice and a soccer game.

I only managed to get photos of the soccer game today.

I loved this shot of Georgia joking her with great pal Ally before the game:

And I managed to get some good action shots, too:

Sadly, the girls did not play their best and the game ended in a tie.

What were Henry and Josie doing during the soccer game?

They played on a nearby playground for awhile and then Henry watched the match, while Josie and Ally's younger sister, Ava, did gymnastics on the turf:

And then they dropped pebbles through the storm drain cover.

You know, the usual.

Gordy and I also managed to sneak out and have dinner in Boston together and we watched the third movie of our James Bond marathon, Goldfinger.

I'm waiting for the Bond movies to get good.  I'd settle for less sexist.  

When does that happen?  The 1980's?  

All-in-all, it was a good weekend and a good start to our vacation week.

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