Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Beautiful Day At The Beach

The children were released early from school yesterday for Teacher Appreciation Day, which meant that we had an entire, sunny afternoon ahead of us with no plans and no responsibilities.  Henry went into town to get lunch with some friends and the girls and I decided to high-tail it to the beach.  As you can see, I had a gorgeous, New-England-in-May, seaside view from my beach blanket:  the gorgeous blue sky, a picturesque light house in the distance and jeans, worn pulled down as far as they could go to keep my ankles from freezing.  It may have been sunny, but it wasn't exactly warm.

I packed a picnic lunch for us and we ate as soon as we had arrived and put our towels down.  The beach was almost completely empty, so we had our choice of prime locations.

We were certainly the most dressed of the beach-goers - there were two groups of two women near us, each wearing bathing suits and each acting as if it were 95 degrees and August.  

I was in awe of their hardy New England ways.  My freezing, New Jersey-born self was dressed in long pants, long-sleeve shirt, sweater and a fleece coat.  

It was 55 degrees, just so you know I wasn't being wussy.

Josie finished her lunch first and immediately began to dig.

.... but she left our towels fairly quickly once Georgia remarked (for the 2,000th time) that she HATES when people say they are digging to China.  

Georgia says this every time someone begins to dig at the beach.  My sister, Elizabeth, would say that this phrase is stuck in Georgia's neural net.  I would say that she remembers it afresh each time we arrive at the beach.  Georgia would just say that she does, in fact, hate it when people say that they are digging to China - especially since that feat is completely impossible.

Josie just says, "see ya!"

The rock formations at Wingaersheek Beach are pretty amazing, so Georgia finished up her lecture on Geological physics and joined Josie on Nature's Jungle Gym.

and thus began two hours of the most relaxing afternoon I've had in months.  I sat and listened to the gulls chattering around me, I watched the girls climb and jump, and I enjoyed the ample sunshine.

I forgot about carpooling and homework....

I forgot about the fact that the kids still have two months left of school because of all those wretched snow days...

It felt like the summer, so I let myself believe that it was summer.

I didn't go completely crazy:  I never, not even for a moment, wished that I had packed my bikini.  

Even my New England-born children kept their coats on the entire time we were there.

But even so, it was a beautiful day at the beach.


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Looks Heavenly - even if it was cold!

Angie said...

The beach is gorgeous no matter the temperature! Looks like a perfect day. Can't believe the kids have 2 more months. Mine gets out the 25th of this month!

Martha said...

Yes, it was heavenly, Lisa! I wish I were there now.

Martha said...

You are so right, Angie! It was gorgeous and perfect and it is crazy that my kids have two more months of school!!!

They get out at the bitter end of June. And go back to school before Labor Day! Where's the justice in that?

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