Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Happy Mother's Day

Teachers in our town go crazy about Mother's Day and the result is a whole lot of adorable, hand-made presents at the breakfast table.  I was the lucky recipient of four cards, a flower, a bookmark and a 3-D butterfly.

The most surprising gift was from Henry:

... the teacher-supervised Mother's Day crafts ended around 4th grade for Henry and as a preteen, he hasn't found the required motivation to create on his own since then.  

I felt so honored that his spanish teacher used Mother's Day as an opportunity to force her seventh graders to practice their vocabulary words:

Georgia made me two cards.  One she made at home:

which included a wonderful letter and a poem:

and one she made at school:

that included the following fabulous bookmark:

The bookmark was laminated and tasseled for long-term use.  I thought the picture was of Georgia doing some sort of "YEAH!  You Are Reading!" cheer, but she has just informed me that she is actually dangling from the rope (and presumably screaming her head off).

Josie also made a card at home:

It is a six-page booklet that include such highlights as her famous hippo drawing... 

and a few "hikui" poems inspired by her class' recent study of Japan.

She drew spring scenes on the other pages, which was nice to see since it poured for most of Mother's Day and the view outside my window wasn't quite so sunny.

Josie also spent time making a flower while Georgia was at a soccer game and there wasn't anyone with whom to play.  

It was a pleasing gift, until this morning, when straightening the house in anticipation for the arrival of the cleaning ladies, I found the paper, scissors, glue stick, cotton balls, AND markers she used strewn around the guest room floor.  Lucky me!  A flower and additional cleaning work!  It's the gift that keeps on giving!

I hope you all had a good Mother's Day, too.

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