Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bed Time For Kids And Birds

There is a mother dove sitting on her eggs in a nest, in the gutter outside of my bedroom window.  I'm not exactly sure when she arrived, but we have been watching her (very quietly) for the last few days.

This bird is pretty well hidden, blending almost perfectly with the color of our gutters.  I only stuck my head out the window and discovered her because I kept seeing a father bird perched in the same spot, with his tail dangling into the air and I wondered what he was up to.

Right before bedtime last night, the girls and I checked on the bird and her eggs:

And then I sent Georgia and Josie off to get dressed for bed.

This is a nightly game of Nag and Ignore.  I say "go upstairs, get in your pajamas and brush your teeth" and the girls hear "waaa-waaaa, waaa-waaa, blah, blah, blah... play and get hyper."

Our night-time routine has pared down over the years.  When the children were really little, I used to feed them dinner at 5:30 and have them bathed, dressed and ready for bed by 6:30.  As soon as Gordy got home from work, we began a process which involved reading to each of the three children separately before tucking them in and moving on to the next child.  Sometimes, Gordy and I split up the children (making the night go faster) but more often than not, one of us read while the other made Adult Dinner.  

The reading process took a long time.  Josie got two picture books, Georgia got picture books and maybe a chapter in an easy children's novel and then Henry got a chapter or two of a longer book.  

We no longer read to Henry each night - the boy has hockey or lacrosse until 9pm most nights anyway.  And we don't often read to Georgia - she likes to read to herself.

But we still read to Josie and sometimes, when I am in the mood, I have her read to me.

Right now, she and I are reading the third Harry Potter book, which is one of my personal favorites.  The session starts off with me, on the floor, by myself:

.... with Josie sitting and listening on the bed:

... but soon I can count of a brush coming out and I find myself getting my hair combed and styled:

A good book and a relaxing head massage make for a very pleasant evening:

I think Josie has cleverly figured out how to get her mother to read longer:


Harry Potter chapters are long and by the end, Josie has usually retired to bed and her eyelids are fluttering.

Shh!  Don't wake the baby!


Laura said...

Absolutely adorable post. This made me really nostalgic for the good old days when my mom read the Harry Potter books to me!

Martha said...

I'm glad you liked it, Laura. I absolutely love those Harry Potter books. I think I look forward to the "bedtime" hour as much as she does!

Angelica jolie said...

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