Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cakestyle: A Review

A package arrived in the mail for me last week.  It was my long-awaited, greatly-anticipated Cakestyle box of clothes selected for me by "my" new Cakestyle stylist.  For those of you who might have skipped over my last Stitch Fix review post (and who could blame you, I'm just as bored as you are about those posts), Cakestyle is my latest computer-shopping experiment.  Cakestyle assigns each shopper their own stylist, who following a detailed questionnaire that you fill out on-line about your fashion preferences, assembles and mails to you a box of designer clothes along with a video of what she has included and how you should wear them.  From what I could surmise before I joined either site, Cakestyle sends top brands (read:  more pricey) while Stitch Fix focuses more on new designers and less-known labels.

My Cakestyle box was filled to the brim.  I laid out the clothes on my kitchen table to get a better look at what had been sent... but instantly regretted the decision once I realized that the pieces that were meant to be together had been wrapped TOGETHER and by spreading them all out on the table, I had taken apart outfits that had been carefully assembled.  Luckily I had that video to fall back on.

The package included three dresses, a pair of jeans, two blouses, one blazer, one pair of trousers, one sweater, a necklace and a pair of earrings.

All the clothes were well-known brands that I would definitely gravitate towards in a department store.

The first dress I tried on was a Laundry, by Shelli Segal:

The colors were lovely and the pattern was pretty, but it was a little too much pattern for me.  It was exactly perfect for my sister, Meredith (Southern Sister), although since she is much taller than I am, it would have been more of a tunic than a dress on her.

The next dress excited me very much.  It was an Issa wrap dress.  Issa, as all my fellow royal watchers will know, was the designer Kate Middleton chose for the press photo shoot after her engagement to Prince William was announced.

Sadly, I am both shorter and curvier than Kate Middleton.  And I'm not sure if Issa meant for this dress to be worn with camisole, but oh my... I had to hold that sucker together just to get a blog-friendly picture of the dress.  I don't want anyone to report me to blogger for being indecent! 

The next dress was my favorite:

It was a navy blue Elie Tahari shirt dress in a cotton-linen blend.  It fit perfectly and I loved the style.  I also liked the gold crescent necklace that Cakestyle included to be worn on top - and I'm not usually fond of gold or bib necklaces.  Both these items went into the Yes! pile.

What didn't make the cut was the following two blouses:

I didn't write down either brand, but they were labels that I recognized.  I just don't like a blouse.  

and the above photo makes this green blouse look better than it actually did.  In reality, the blouse was boxy and hung like a sack off my shoulders.

I tend to prefer more fitted items, like the gorgeous lavender blazer that I tried on next:

In the photo, I am wearing it with a navy tank top that was also included in the box (which I kept along with the blazer) and the pair of jeans that was in the box (which I sent back, only because I have plenty of jeans).  

I didn't take any photos of the navy blue trousers (which if I remember correctly, were made by Theory).  I don't know why I didn't take a photo.  The pants were cute but not a great fit.

And even thought I took a photo of the sweater:

I didn't keep it either.  There are very few blonds in this world who can pull off the color oatmeal, and I am not one of them.  

I look equally bad in khaki green, daffodil yellow and camel, in case you ever find yourself shopping for me.

Lastly, here is a photo of the blue earrings:

They were tear-drop shaped and outlined in gold.  I had a similar pair in the 7th grade only the "stone" was a fake ruby and I wore them with a red sweater, red barrettes, a red necklace, red shoes and a red purse.  I didn't really understand the concept of color subtlety back then.

So for the one person who once found my blog by typing "compare Stitch fix and Cake style" in their google browser, here is my answer:  I prefer Cakestyle.  It sends quality items from well-known labels, the clothes are more classic than trendy and the stylist pays more attention to your "my style" questionnaire.  That being said, Stitch Fix is definitely less expensive and better suited to someone who is still trying to figure out their personal style.  

The website experiences are the same.  Both sites had good customer service and easy to follow instructions for returns.  Both sites include pre-paid returns and the ability to give feedback to your stylist.... although  Stitch Fix doesn't always listen to what you say.  

This will probably be my last fashion review as I'm pretty sure I stink as a fashion guru.  I'll be back to the mommy blogging and complaining about carpools, picky eaters and sports in the future!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Well, I agree with your choices! That navy dress and that blazer are super cute and you look fabulous!!

Elizabeth said...

I like the first two dresses myself, especially the pink busy one. It would look nice with a pair of black tights and some boots.

Martha said...

Thank you, Lisa! I'm actually wearing that blue dress now and I'm feeling quite cute indeed!

Martha said...

I liked that first one, too, but not really on. But you are right about the black tights and boots. It had a go-go girl vibe to it.

I pictured your sister wearing it with a jeweled sandal.

Angie said...

Sounds like you did pretty well with this box. I really like the blazer :)

Martha said...

I did, Angie. I loved the blazer, too! It was a good fit and a very cheery color. It rains almost constantly in MA in the spring, so color helps me stay cheerful!

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