Thursday, May 16, 2013

End of the Week Randoms

This has been a relatively slow and quiet week.  We've had the usual games, practices, visits to the orthodontist (more on this another time), allergy shots and homework.  No one has been rushed to the hospital (yet) and no one has had any school projects (that I've been told about).  Henry and Georgia both had a few days of the dreaded MCAS, which meant no homework and the ensuing stress and complaints.  Our life has been full of events but not eventful.

This is the kind of day when I usually chose a random mothering topic to write about on my blog - carpooling, picky eaters, teacher conferences - but nothing really comes to mind tonight.  Sorry.

Instead, I will do one of my random photo posts and ensure that all the many photos I take during the month get their proper due on the blog.  

A few weeks ago, I took photos at Georgia's lacrosse game.  It helps to have something to do while watching 10-12 year olds play lacrosse.   

While I love watching my own child play, the sport is not the most exciting -- yet, I mean.  I've watched plenty of older girls/women's lacrosse games that were extremely exciting but these early years are pretty dull.  

There is not a whole lot of passing...  or catching... or defense.

What there is, is a whole lot of running (chasing) down to one end of the field and then a whole lot of running (chasing) to the other end.

And standing around while the referees hand out penalties.

Luckily, we are good sports about the whole thing. 

And remember the dollhouse Josie got for Christmas?

It is now a bright, electric purple.

Josie has wanted to paint her dollhouse a different color for a long time...

and we finally found a free afternoon to do the work.

We will obviously not be quitting our day job to become house painters any time soon.

Just as much paint got on the walls and floor as it did on the dollhouse.

And who knew that such a small house would take so long to paint?

Gordy quit pretty quickly, I stopped only a moment or two later and we had to call Georgia in as a reinforcement.  

A few weekends and about three coats of paint later, the dollhouse looks pretty good.  The purple is actually quite cheery.

We have a busy weekend planned which means a better blog week coming up.  

I promise!

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dana said...

I found your blog in the most obtuse way. I am a watercolor painter (also more than an occasional needlepointer and I share your feelings about chocolate and martinis although I'd prefer sugarless rims) and I was looking for reference material for a pond hockey painting. I love the one of your family in a skating line with big smiles and a pink touches. If you'd allow me to use it as reference (believe me when I tell you their faces wouldn't be recognizable and I would change the background slightly) I would be grateful. I'm making this for a limited edition (of 100) calendar that will be sold this November at two art shows in East aurora and buffalo, NY. I would be happy to give you the original painting if you'd like it in exchange for the privilege of using your happy photo as a reference. Could you email to let me know if you're willing? My email is

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