Thursday, May 9, 2013

Future Farmers of America

Last year, a friend gave Georgia and Josie a packet of marigold seeds.  With no thought or preparation - or even a quick glance at the back of the packet to find out the best growing conditions for marigold seeds - they dug a few inches into the mulch by our side door and planted those seeds in a clump.  

I figured that we would never hear from the marigolds ever again, but I was wrong:

The marigolds were a huge success.

This year, the girls wanted to try again:  farming suits them.

With our giant landscaping project scheduled to begin in a few short weeks, I knew that in-ground gardening wasn't practical for this summer.  Instead, we went to the local gardening center and bought containers, soil, seeds and a watering can.  This year's farming will be more urban.

Josie helped me to unload the supplies.  

Both Georgia and Josie chose three different flower varieties and I chose one.  I had to veto all seed packs that involved early spring planting or had picky growing conditions.

Since the girls had so much success with the marigolds, I stood back and let Georgia take the lead:

We filled up our containers with dirt...

and then opened the seed packets and began our planting:

I had the girls read the back of each packet and we tried to follow the directions.  Each different seed required a different harvesting depth and a different number of seeds per inch.  This probably comes to no surprise to most people, but I've never planted anything before so it was new to me.

One or two of Georgia's packets said for "best results" the seeds should be soaked overnight.  

Georgia didn't feel like waiting, so she ignored this step - we'll see if it makes a difference.

Planting seeds by methodically following the rules takes a whole lot longer than pouring marigold seeds in a clump.  

The watering can part was still just as much fun.

I originally pictured our flowering container gardens decorating our kitchen porch, but quickly realized that that location doesn't get enough sun.  We moved the pots to a rock wall in the front of the house.  We'll have to move them again once the plants in the flower bed in front of that rock wall get too tall.

We planted our seeds on Saturday and just today, we noticed that our "random" container (the one where we put all the left-over seeds) had begun to sprout.  

I hate to admit this, but we randomly scattered the seeds in this container.  Maybe the clump method is the best after all?

I'll keep you posted as the farming season continues.  


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

My girls love to plant stuff, but I do not have a green thumb. Hopefully, all of our girls will have better luck than their moms! :-)

Martha said...

Lisa - I'm so sorry I never responded! I missed this comment and the other comment you made on the last post. I don't have a green thumb either and we have zero house plants or a veggie garden. So far, four out of the six containers have sprouts... I'm hoping the other two sprout soon.

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