Thursday, May 23, 2013

Josie's Country of Origin Project

Our third and final second grader finished our third and final her Country of Origin Project.  There was much rejoicing.  Josie chose to study her ancestral country of Norway - completely disregarding our pleas to chose another ancestral country, Granny's Scotland, perhaps, or Grandma's Poland.  

Nope.  Josie chose Norway - just as Henry and Georgia did before her.  

If only Scotland or Poland had Christmas pastries to entice her!

Josie worked very hard on her project, which took about a week to complete.  

She started by researching the country and choosing ten pictures which illustrated interesting facts and locations.  I remember when Henry and Georgia did their projects - they chose historical landmarks and  viking adventures... Josie had a much more Josie-centric view of Norway.

She included the capital Oslo, but only because she "liked the sound of the name."

She also included the Norwegian Royal Family (highlighting the Crown Prince family with that hotty Haakon and the ever wonderful Mette-Marit.  

Along with the photos, Josie had to write three facts on the back.  For the Royal Family, Josie wrote:

"1.  The King of Norway is named Harald.
2.  This picture is so Harald's son, Haakon and his family.
3.  The little girl is going to be Queen someday.  Her name is Ingrid and she is nine."

My favorite photo was the following:

but only because Josie's explanation on the back was so funny:

ha!  Got to love a grand generalization!

Haakon and Mette-Marit... trolls... what else did Josie choose?

Christmas cookies, that's what.

Josie's next photo was of Krumkake cooling on a wire rack:

and then she included a photo of Kransikake (Norwegian wedding cake)

Because she had to choose ten photos, Josie did, begrudgingly, include a photo of the fjords, Kjeragbolten and a Stave Church, but she wasn't particularly excited by the non-princess, non-food related items.

I had Josie space her project out over a few days.  She chose the photos and wrote the rough draft on one day and then cut and pasted the pictures on another.

On the third day, Josie arranged her photos in alphabetical order (or in ABC order, as they call it nowadays):

On the last day, Josie drew the cover and the back cover.

I ordered Norwegian Flag ribbon and helped Josie punch the holes and bind her book.  I think it turned out well:

The entire project is due on Friday, and I tried to get Josie to go to school wearing the Norwegian outfit my grandmother Ruth made for me during my OWN Country of Origin project in elementary school.  It's probably too big - I think I was in either fifth or sixth grade when I wore it - but the vest and the hat would fit Josie.  She's not interested in dressing up in national dress, sadly.  Maybe I could convince her another year.  My niece, Avery, wore it a few years ago to a school function and a little cousin peer-presure goes a long way.

The end of this project marks the end of an era.  My last second grader is finishing up second grade.  I'm not sad, there will be plenty to keep us busy in third grade, but it does feel a little strange.  Besides, if we had had a fourth child, I'm sure he/she would have chosen Norway as their subject anyway.  

The pull of those krumkakes is just too strong.


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

I love that Josie made it her own by including the princess and the food! Very cute!

Martha said...

Thanks! I thought she did a great job.

Angela M said...

Impressive! She looks so diligent!

Martha said...

Well, you know Josie. She's not one to leave a task unfinished!

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