Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch

A few weeks ago, my friend Larisa made the valiant attempt to get a group of families together for dinner.  In the olden days - before the children got older and started playing sports - getting a few families together to socialize required little effort.  One could pick any weekend night and the party made itself.  Now getting more than two families together is like finishing the Sunday Sudoku:  you think you have a solution that works for everyone and then it implodes in your face.  

After reading at least six group texts and watching the chaos begin, I suggested that we ditch the kids and the husbands and just have a ladies lunch.  

Kathy volunteered to host at her house and the rest of us offered to bring various things... 

it was simple and hassle-free.

And since one of the "ladies" finishes preschool before noon, we were a happy party of five:

When I arrived (first, as always), Lauren informed me that "more ladies" would be coming to eat with "her."  She was so excited to be included.  Two and a half is such a fabulous age.

Kathy had decorated the table with flowers from her garden:

And Larisa decorated the table with a lovely sour-cherry prosecco cocktail (which was delicious):

No children (Lauren was an honorary lady for the day, so I'm not counting her), no rushing off to sporting events, no carpools... lunch time get-togethers are fabulous!  Why hadn't we thought of these before?

We did hit one snafu.  Kathy realized that the chicken wasn't cooking, but luckily Larisa knew how to change the propane tank on the grill.

I did overhear her muttering "righty-tighty, lefty-loosey" to herself before she began, but still, I was impressed by her grill knowledge.  I'm not the griller in my family, can you tell?

I brought my camera to record the occasion.  When I'm old and gray, I want to remember that I did have a life apart from my children and their sporting careers.

Although, I apologize for the over-exposure caused by my winter-white skin and my hair.

Flashes are not pale-person's friend.

When the four of us get together, there's a ton of laughter and zero pauses in conversation.

It was so fun to catch up after a winter apart.

But don't worry about Lauren:

She's an experienced talker and got plenty of words in!

Our winter is always so busy, there isn't enough time to spend with friends.  I really cherish the summer when people have less going on and we can all sit by the pool and chat away.  

Until then, here's to the Ladies Who Lunch:



Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Oh that looks like so much fun!!! Bak in November, I had lunch out with several ladies from church to celebrate someone's birthday. It was so much fun to just hang out and relax in the middle of the day like that. We also said , "We should do this more often!". Yet, we haven't done it again since!

Martha said...

We said the same thing! And I'm sure we'll have the same results. It's so hard to make time for yourself when you're a mother.

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