Monday, May 27, 2013


I just came back from a weekend with the cutest 9 month old ever - two days and two nights of pure unadulterated baby fix.  

Isn't my nephew adorable?

Yes.  Yes, he is.

In years past, we've called my weekend with Elizabeth "eat-a-po-looza" since we centered our activities around dining at fine restaurants and consuming fancy drinks.  

Since Owen arrived, the weekend has turned into "baby-pa-looza"and we spend our hours watching Owen be his marvelous self.

I wouldn't go back to the old way for anything.

What's better than a weekend spent holding this muffin?

Or talking walks with this dapper dude:

We did still get a little fine dining in:

The stewed peaches at this "restaurant" were divine.

We also enjoyed some literary culture:

It was a wonderful weekend.

I only wish my sister and her family lived closer.  See you this summer, Owen!

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