Sunday, May 5, 2013

Product of The Year: The trabeca sash!

My friend Tracy (that's her on the left) and her friend Rebecca are geniuses. 

Have you ever cursed your heavy, back-breaking purse?  Can you imagine no greater indignity than strapping on a fanny pack and going out in public?  Have you ever found yourself exercising while holding your cell phone in one sweaty palm and your house keys in the other?

Me, too!

And so have Tracy and Rebecca.  

But instead of resorting to expletives, embarrassing themselves or simply suffering (as I would have done), Tracy and Rebecca came up with a solution:

Introducing the trabeca sash (there's a belt, too).  It's beautiful, fashionable, light-weight and it holds your money, a credit card or two, your house key and your cell phone!  

I can think of a hundred different occasions where a trabeca sash/belt would come in handy.  How many times have I taken my children to a park, museum, fair or sporting event and wished that I didn't have to carry my 200 pound purse with me?  Especially those times when I was balancing a child on one hip while simultaneously gripping the hands of two other squirming children.  Yes, yes, I know there's such a thing as a backpack, but really, after an hour or so, do your shoulders really care if the heavy weight they are lugging is evenly distributed?  A heavy bag is a heavy bag.  And even if you pare down the contents of your handbag, you still have to balance it on your shoulder or have it thump against your thigh as you walk.  I love a handbag as much as the next gal, but even I can admit they aren't always appropriate.  Motherhood and purses do not always gel.

If only I had a trabeca sash during those early-childhood years, when going to the playground was an almost-daily occurance.  I'd take the jogging stroller (the double one, which weighed about 3000 pounds) load it up with children, diapers, snacks and toys and set off.  The last thing I wanted to bring was a wallet that I'd either have to carry around with me while I chased after children on the playground, or leave hidden in the stroller at the gate, and hope it would still be waiting for me when I returned.  Back in those stroller years, I didn't text (no one did) so I probably didn't have a phone with me, but TODAY, omg, if I was going to the playground TODAY, I'd need to carry that with me, too.  What do the mothers of today do with all their gear!?!

You may ask, why do mothers need money at a playground?  I can answer that in three words:  Ice Cream Truck.

Or emergency trips to the pharmacy for bandaids... or bottled water to drink after you've used the water you brought to wash mud off your toddler's hands.  You get the picture.  Not to mention that walking to the playground and letting the kids get their energy out is the perfect activity before Running Errands in Town.  Especially if you give your children a popsicle to keep them quiet while you are in the CVS.

It is always a good idea to bring money with you to the playground.

The trabeca sash is perfect for us mothers of older children, too.  I plan to use mine to hold my key and cell phone when I'm exercising or when I take the children on a day trip.  Just imaging the bag-less freedom of my trabeca sash existence makes me giddy.  Disney World with no aching back, the Children's Museum without balancing my handbag on my shoulder, trips into the city without worrying about purse-snatchers, carrying my essentials while remaining fashionable ... what's not to love.

Tracy and Rebecca have put their trabeca sash/belt onto KickStarter.  Click on the link below to visit their page:

You can get your own belt or sash by making a pledge on the website.  Buy one for a friend and your sister, while you are at it - you know they will want one!

You can also friend trabeca's facebook page, visit their website or follow them on Pinterest:

Please feel free to send the link (or a link to this post) to any of your friends/family members.  Tracy and Rebecca are eager to spread the word about their fabulous sashes/belts and so am I.

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