Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Gang Rides Again

I am determined to spend more time out of my car this summer.  A few years ago, I made a similar concerted effort to shun the motor and I remember the time fondly.  We rode our bikes to the pool, we rode our bikes to the library... it was a throw-back summer and it was great.

And then we moved and our new house is slightly further away and at the top of a long, steep hill.  Last summer, the few times I suggested that we ride our bikes to the pool were met with loud groans and heated words.  Everyone agreed that the way to the pool would be a lovely ride... but the journey home would be pure torture.

But this summer, I am determined to get back on the bike saddle.  Henry and I got new bicycles, Georgia got Henry's old bike and Josie got her bike refurbished.  We are helmeted and ready to go.

The girls and Gordy took the inaugral bike trip to the pool on Memorial Day.

Josie did a warm up on the driveway.  She loves to ride a bike.

Gordy pumped up tires and shouldered the beach-towel-filled backpack.

I won't be so nice when I ride to the pool with the children.

... but right now THEIR backpacks are filled with school supplies and books.  We have another full month of school before freedom begins.

I watched the Tour de New England amble down our driveway and onto the first hill:

I hope it's the beginning of an exercise-filled summer.

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