Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Can You Believe The Nerve?

You are not going to believe who had the nerve to show themselves at our house again!  

And to set up camp! 

I thought something was up.  I've noticed a whole lot of hornets loitering around my yard, muttering curse words at me as I walked by, but it wasn't until the delivery service arrived with cases of Budweiser and cartons of Marlboro Reds, that I realized the hornets were back and our home was being taken over by proper hoodlums.  The Evil White Faced Gang rides again!

As I ran, hysterically screaming, to get Dale the Bee Buster's phone number, Gordy walked calmly over to the hose and turned on the water.

 This is a bravery that I can not comprehend, but I appreciate, nonetheless.

Gordy maneuvered the hose across the driveway and over to our side door to where the hornets had set up camp.  Forget the backyard - no sir.  This time those evil creatures chose the FRONT of my house.  I guess they figured that they would show me!

 Well, who's laughing now!!

Take that, you white faced hornets!

ha!  (I say from the safety of my driveway... far away from the angry hornets and their soggy queen)

It's okay, Josie.  The danger's gone.

Until the next colony takes up residence... or until Mommy gives up this suburban life for a nice, wild-life free high-rise in the city!  

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