Sunday, June 23, 2013

Final Exams

I know most of you have been done with school and have been enjoying the hot, leisurely days of summer vacation for weeks now.... but some of us (the unfortunate few who live in New England and had six WRETCHED and UNNECESSARY snow days) are still getting up at 6am, packing bag lunches and dragging our children to school each morning.  And this weekend -- as if attending school during the dregs of June wasn't bad enough -- some of us have to study for five, year-encompassing final exams.  

In our family, that someone is Henry.

Henry had his first two exams on Friday - Spanish and English.  And on Monday, he has to take his two hardest exams - Science and Geography.  Henry is a good student and he's done well in school this year... but studying is not his forte and studying ALONE is going completely against Henry's grain.  Henry likes to share his misery (and he likes to have people quiz him).

So on Saturday morning, bright and early, I helped Henry study for his Geography exam for three hours.  We made flash cards for the vocabulary words and we went through all his old tests and quizzees.  I helped him to remember the key parts of the different units and I think we made a lot of headway.

But I am absolutely exhausted and I never want to know another fact about the world or it's political systems.

Don't even say the word "E-A-R-T-H" to me.  I'll scream.

I swear I will.

In the afternoon, Gordy took over the teacher role and he and Henry tackled science.

They went through the study guides, they read passages from the book... there was laughter, there were tears, more than one explative was proclaimed but in the end, the successes outnumbered the failures (at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

And now Gordy is exhausted.  And he would like you to never mention anything about genetics, photosynthesis or mitosis every again.

I don't remember if I took final exams when I was in seventh grade, but mercy maud.  Do other towns put their middle schoolers (and their parents) through this nonsense?  I just can't see why we need to prove that a 13 year old can retain a year's worth of knowledge after the longest school year in history, in the heat of the summer and at the end of June.  

Especially when he's been tested on the lessons all year long.  

We have another marathon study day today (Sunday) and then we send the poor boy to the wolves.  What's done is done and what's learned has been learned.

Until he takes his math final on Tuesday.

Good grief, right!?!

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