Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gordy's Elite Soccer Camp

For three years running, Gordy has held weekly sport camps for our children during the summer vacation months.  He's never really told me why he started the whole camp extravaganza, but I expect that it's the result of these three facts:  1)  I refuse to sign the kids up for multiple camps during the summer because I hate being tied to my car all year round and I fervently believe that children should be free to do whatever they want, whenever they want during the non-school months,   2)  Gordy believes that the children should maintain their sport skills during the off-season, and 3)  The man just can not sit still.  He just can't.

Whatever the reason, the children enjoy Gordy's Camp and they take it very seriously - especially the part at the end where the campers go to Dunkin Donuts for Coolatas.

A few weeks ago, Josie announced that after a year hiatus, she might want to play soccer again.  Josie's plan was to try out for the same club program as Georgia, but since she had already committed to a traveling hockey team that runs at the same time as soccer (starting in the fall and going until spring), neither Gordy nor I thought that the club soccer would be possible.

Instead, we convinced her to try the more flexible town soccer and Josie agreed.  Try-outs are in a few weeks, so Gordy thought it was a good idea to start camp early this year to give Josie some practice.

They started with the basics:  dribbling and kicking.

And Josie became re-acquainted with kicking from her laces and passing to her teammate (Gordy).

Georgia was also at camp that morning: 

Since she arrived early (there was only one camp bus), she spent the time waiting for her advance camp to begin, by practicing her goal kicks:

Meanwhile, Josie and Gordy had moved on to defensive maneuvers:

Stopping periodically for water breaks and shoe tying:

We will wait and see if this new soccer career of Josie's is a success.  The last time she played soccer, Josie definitely enjoyed the water breaks and the post-game snacks more than she enjoyed the soccer itself.  She once declared that there was "too much running" in soccer for her taste, and since the game hasn't exactly changed to speed walking since that day, I'm not sure how this whole experiment will pan out.

I took the beginner camper home after about 45 minutes, but stayed to watch the advanced camper do some drills before I left:

Georgia has club try-outs this week and she says she is nervous.  

They didn't have soccer practice this past week and I know she has missed the game.  Georgia began camp with strong kicks and goal practice.

Georgia plays defense, so goal-scoring isn't something that she does very often.

Henry will eventually participate in Camp Gordy, too.   He doesn't play soccer, so his camp will focus around Lacrosse.  During this particular camp session, Henry was home doing homework and studying for two tests that he has this week.  We still have three more weeks of school and Henry has final exams for the first time.  

That should be fun.  

I just can not wait until summer vacation starts.  It's warm now and the I have summer fever. 

And now that camp has begun, it seems even more cruel that the kids have to go to school on Monday.  

 It feels like it should be summer, why isn't it?  Such is life, in New England, I suppose.  

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Massachusetts Girls Soccer Camp said...

It's great that the children have an outlet for their summer time energy, while still keeping their soccer skills sharp. Thanks for sharing.

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