Tuesday, June 18, 2013

School Hasn't Ended Yet...

nor have the school projects.  In fact, in addition to the project I'm about to tell you about, Georgia has ANOTHER project that is due on Thursday.  And Henry has a week and a half of final exams.  It feels like summer, it looks like summer and yet summer still hasn't arrived in our little town.

Case in point:  The Expert Project.

Assignment:  become an "expert" in a topic and teach the skill to your class.
Educational opportunity:  Learn to follow directions, learn to present to a class full of your peers - all while doing something "fun" with your parents.
End of The Year Parental Annoyance Level (out of 10):  10

Georgia chose to learn how to make ice cream without using a churn or one of those LLBean ball thing-ies.  Basically, what this "skill" consisted of was having your mother drive to the grocery store to buy whole milk and sea salt and remembering to turn the ice maker on inside the fridge.  I'd better get an A.

Georgia poured and measured and then she shook:

She shook to the left.

She shook to the right.

She shook while making funny faces:

She shook while she danced a jig:

And she shook while photo-bombing her father.

The end result was flavored, sugared ice milk.

I'm not sure if I would call Georgia an Expert in the field of ice cream making, but it was the best that we could do.  

The next morning, I packed up a cooler full of milk, sugar, salt, vanilla and ice and I helped Georgia drag it all to school.  Apparently the presentation went well - at least it went better than the boy who became an expert in Magic Card Tricks who mistakenly told everyone the secret as he went along (whoops).  

Georgia has yet another project to do before school ends.  It's a vocabulary sandwich board for the famous Fourth Grade Vocabulary Parade.  

I know!  Lucky me, right?  This is exactly what I want to be doing instead of sunning myself at the pool.  Nothing says Enjoying Your Summer Vacation more than a Fourth Grade Vocab Parade!

Stay tuned!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Oh Martha!! We have been out of school for a little over a week now, and I cannot even imagine how frustrated and annoyed you & the kids must be at this point. After Memorial Day, my kids mentally checked out and I think I did, too. All I can say is hang in there - the remaining time in school goes by quickly!

Martha said...

Thanks for your sympathy, Lisa! I really need it. RIght now, I'm about to make the lunches for tomorrow and then help Henry study for his english exam. I am SO over school right now. At least the weather is helping. It's been raining for two weeks and it's cold. I can't imagine what life would be like if it was sunny and hot.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond too long!
We are with you.
Girls are very done, especially C. They are still working though.
It doesn't help that their little brother has been out for two weeks!


Martha said...

I know, trish!! This is crazy. I've never been more finished with school and I don't even go to school!

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