Thursday, June 20, 2013

Small Victories

Also titled:  We Finished More Projects and The Rain Finally Stopped

We're approaching the end of the second to last week of the longest academic year in history.  Georgia "celebrated" by finishing her final school project:  The Vocabulary Word Sandwich Board.  

Georgia's word was Hyperbole.

I took a giant step back on this project and allowed Georgia to read the instructions and work on her board all by herself.

I want her to be more independent, but there was another reason as well.  

Henry has six final exams this year and I've been busy quizzing him on English terms and Spanish phrases.  He has his first two finals tomorrow and the rest next week. 

The best news of the week was that it stopped raining and our landscape contractors were able to (almost completely) finish our rock wall.  Josie and I went outside yesterday to inspect the work.

Our backyard is still a large mud pit and a disaster zone.

But those hideous wooden steps are finally gone

And there are good dirt mountain features that Josie enjoyed climbing.

The boulders that were removed from the perimeter of the property are still hanging out by our house.  Josie did her best imitation of the Statue of Liberty on one:

The wall is supposed to be totally finished by the end of today, but I'm not holding my breath.  It was actually scheduled to be completed yesterday, but things were slowed down when a large delivery truck broke down in our driveway, blocking the way for the rest of the deliveries to arrive and ended with the leaking of hydraulic fluid all over our drive.  

It's never a dull moment around here.

Five more days until vacation!!!


Angie said...

I can't believe you all are still in school. My kids have been out since the end of May!

Martha said...

This year has been so crazy long!!! And we'll have the shortest summer ever. It's sad.

PJ Greetings said...

Your daughter is darling

Martha said...

Thank you, PJ!

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