Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I planned a special surprise for Georgia last Friday.  When I picked her up from school, I told her that we needed to drive to Concord to run an errand and then when we arrived, I whipped out my camera and told her that she was getting her ears pierced.


(It's a great surprise photo, no?)

Years ago, I told the girls that they could get their ears pierced when they turned ten.  Georgia and Josie were probably five and three at the time, so ten seemed like a long way off and a figure that they would forget before the big day arrived.  But I should  have known that my children never forget.  

Well, they never forget a reward or a present... raincoats, backpacks, homework assignments, well, yes.  They do forget those.  But trips to the candy store, a promised book or getting their ears pierced at age ten?  That, they never forget.

The only problem about my Age 10 rule was that Georgia turned 10 during her soccer season and newly pierced earrings and soccer do not mix.  Many soccer referees make you take your earrings out before a game and new earrings need to stay in for 4-6 weeks.  

We had to make the executive decision to wait until summer, but I never said when.

We went to a great, family-owned jewelry store to get Georgia's ears pierced.  The first step was to sign the enormously long release form and choose earrings:

Georgia chose white gold, medium-sized, balls.

And then came the hard part.  The jeweler used a marker to figure out where the holes should be and Georgia squirmed and had a hard time standing still.  

Georgia, it turns out, has very ticklish earlobes.

Who would have guessed?

And then the jeweler went right to work.  She handed Georgia a teddy bear to hold and she started with Georgia's right ear.


It hurt more than Georgia imagined!

Which sucked, considering that Georgia still had another ear to go.  

Not wanting to spend her life lopsided, Georgia agreed to continue.

And voila!

Pierced ears!  

It was a fun surprise and Georgia loves her new earrings.  Hopefully it hurt enough that she will be discouraged from ever getting another piercing again!

hee, hee!


Guymons said...

Scott told Melanee she could get her ears pierced if she shot a duck. He even bought her Ducks Unlimited ear rings for incentive. She went out hunting with him tons of times and after she finally got her duck (I think she actually got a goose, maybe) she stopped going with him as much. He liked having her go with him. She was his side kick for a long time! I wonder if he kind of secretly wishes she wouldn't have shot the duck, (or goose), then she would have probably went out more. Or he should have made a new incentive after that!

Martha said...

D - I had originally told the girls that they had to be ten but Georgia forgot and anyway couldn't have pierced them on her birthday because of soccer. Josie, on the other hand, brings up the 10-year-old rule ALL THE TIME. She's dying to get her ears pierced. What works for one child...

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