Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Prom Parade

Our small town has a wonderfully fun tradition.  On the night of the Senior Prom, the town sets up fences along the drive way of the high school and the prom couples parade (think a red carpet with no carpet) past their parents, friends and random townspeople until they reach the buses which drive them to the prom.  

The Prom Parade has been a tradition for decades.  The prom used to be held under a tent on the grounds of the middle school, and the prom parade used to go through our actual town from the high school to the tent.  Now the prom is held at a hotel (where, I have no idea) and the tickets include the cost of buses to guarantee that no one drives while intoxicated.

In years past, I've brought both girls to watch the Prom parade, but this year, only Josie was available.

We got to the parade route early to secure good viewing spots.

It's a good thing we did, since the drive way filled up quickly.

Josie and I were very excited to see the beautiful dresses and elaborate hair-dos.

The Prom couples did not disappoint.  I've heard from a friend (who is a mother of a Senior Girl) that the prom has it's own facebook page for dresses and when someone buys a dress, they post a picture of it on the website, guaranteeing that no one else will buy the same dress.  

I guess that systems works, since there was literally not a single repeated dress.

As the couples walk through the parade, they stop here and there to satisfy the parental paparazzi.  Josie and I had the great misfortune of standing next to one father who look his job as Parental Pain In The Rear too seriously and who shouted as loud as he could anytime one of his child's friends walked past.  I think he was trying to embarrassing the children, but he was mostly just embarrassing himself.

The secret agenda behind the prom parade is to discourage teenage drinking.  Parents have to check their children into the high school, the children have to stay in a holding room for a half-hour before starting through the parade and onto the bus.  The idea is that if the kids HAVE been drinking, they will sober up and if they HAVEN'T been drinking than there won't be time for them to start.

Sadly, the system doesn't seem to work for the parents in the audience.  I'd willing to bet that the man next to me, who was bursting my eardrums and causing great irritation, had enjoyed a few pre-prom cocktails of his own.

Josie and I didn't let the noise bother us.  We oohed and aahhed over the gowns and chose our favorites.  

At one point, a woman next to me wondered aloud of making teenagers - who are already self-conscious enough - parade in front of their town was a healthy thing, but I disagree.  All the teenagers looked proud and seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Most of them have been in the audience at a previous parade and considered the whole thing a fabulous tradition.  And if you've put that much time into choosing an outfit, why not show it off?

Josie and I stayed until the very end of the parade.  She chose a purple and pink sparkly dress as her favorite of the night and I chose a more sophisticated, ruffly, navy blue number.  We agreed that the girls wearing flats would probably be the most happy at the end of the night and that strapless dresses (which had to be pulled up over two or three steps) seemed the most unpractical.  

We were the Joan and Melissa Rivers of our town and we loved it!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

What a neat tradition and what fun to watch!

Martha said...

Isn't it? I think it's a fun thing to do - and it really generates a feeling of community.

the blogivers said...

First of all, that is a really cool idea! I love watching all the prom-goers when I see them out and about this time of year, but I look creepy if I stare too long, so this would be a lot more normal, ha! :)

And in response to your question on my blog about the book my husband made, he made it and had it printed on There are definitely some formatting issues with some of the posts/pictures, but I think that's the case with all of those sites. Overall I am really happy with it though! Good luck!

Martha said...

Thank you!

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