Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Vocabulary Parade

Two days before school (finally) ended, the Fourth Graders had their Vocabulary Parade.  This was my first experience at the Vocab Parade, since Henry went to our old school for fourth grade and our old school principal was against all outdoor activities or creativity.  

I know - that was a bold and sweeping generalization, but what can I say.  Maybe it was just the teachers that Henry happened to get... but the projects that he was assigned always seemed better suited to killing the love of learning than fostering it.  

Thankfully for all the children who did not move to houses outside of that school district, our old school has a new principal who by all accounts is much more relaxed and happy and our old school is now great place to spend the school year.  The Dementors have left the building.  

But that's not what this post is about.  This post is about the adorable Vocabulary Parade.  I have left on a ridiculous (and obnoxious) tangent.  


Each child was given a spelling word or a geographical term that the fourth graders had learned over the school year and they had to make a sandwich board with that word and it's definition.

Georgia's word was Hyperbole and she chose to draw a cartoon and decorate her poster with sentences that demonstrated her word.

Other children got extremely creative.  I couldn't believe the wonderful boards that paraded by me.  I don't usually include photos of other people's children on my blog, but I just had to show off some of these children.  (and I won't put anyone's name so you won't be able to google them).

Look at this Transparent poster!

And the 3-D Mt. Rushmore!

I also loved this dear friend of Georgia's who was the only child to use a black poster board:

Isn't that awesome?

I also loved Volcano:

and "Parts of a Flower"

Georgia's class was at the tail end of the parade, and they moved at a fast clip:

I managed to get about 30 photos of her though, don't worry.

This Vocabulary Parade was one of my all-time favorite school events.  It's an adorable tradition and it was great to see how each child chose to interpret the assignment.  I hope they continue to do the parade for at least two more years so Josie can do it, too.  

And that's the last school post of the year!  Happy summer, everyone!

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Angie said...

What a cute idea! I love seeing educators that try to make learning fun.

Happy Summer to You all too!

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