Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Visit to Rockland Breakwater

We spent the weekend in Maine, visiting my parents.  We arrived on Friday night, which meant that we were rested and ready to go on Saturday morning.  

The first thing on our agenda:  walking the Rockland Breakwater jetty.

This jetty is almost a mile long and the view is pretty spectacular.

It seems crowded, but don't let all those people in the above photo fool you.  Most people give up before they get half-way to the beautiful lighthouse at the end, but we are not most people.  Even though it was already in the 90s, we walked the entire length of that jetty and all the way back.

We were rewarded for our efforts with a trip to the top of the light house.  Well, some of us were rewarded... others of us (cough, MARTHA, cough) are afraid of that rickety ladder at the top and stayed at the bottom.  

I know, I'm a total wuss.

Henry isn't scared of ladders, he just wanted to keep his crazy mother company.

That's the official story, and he's sticking to it.

My father kept me company, too.  He used the time to take some photos and enjoy the sea breezes.

It didn't take long for the light-house climbers to join us in the sun:

Josie informed me that the view had been very nice, but the lighthouse tip was pretty small and crowded.

Georgia just told me that I need to get over my fear of lighthouse ladders.

I'm sure she's right.

We sat for awhile before we started the (almost a-) mile trek back to the mainland.

It was the perfect start to our mini-break in Maine.

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